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WotLK Classic: Thundering - One Of The New Mythic+ Affixes

Posted: Oct 15, 2022

Thundering New Mythic+ Affixes

To provide a challenge to competitive players, Blizzard's developers have introduced Mythic+ dungeons in Dragonflight in World of Warcraft. Players need to upgrade Mythic+ dungeon keys through a series of operations, so they will also face increasingly difficult challenges.

Affixes are one of the most eye-catching aspects of Mythic+ dungeons. First, to make running Mythic+ dungeons more fun, these affixes are updated weekly. Second, enemy mobs like Tyrannical gain a series of buffs from the addition of these affixes. For example, buff bosses' HP will be increased by 30%, and the damage they unleash will be increased by 15%. Finally, I want to emphasize that there are some affixes that are seasonal. As the name suggests, this kind of affixes only appear in certain seasons and will not return in the future.

Next I'll focus on the first affix in Dragonflight. Although the affix is named Thundering, it is actually the result of the merger of the current Quaking iteration and Prideful affix.

Thundering, like Quaking, has a periodic debuff. Therefore, during the battle, it will explode for a short time and interrupt all teammates who are casting the spell at the time. Thundering is also similar to Prideful affix in that it spawns a large number of mobs after your team kills a certain number of mobs. As you kill mobs, you will occasionally gain a debuff that fires four arrows. You also stun nearby allies for not positioning properly. But as long as you can successfully kill these mobs, you and your teammates will all get a buff.

Wowhead, the official forum for WotLK Classic, revealed to players one of Thundering's tooltips. That is, players will instead unleash excess energy damage and stun allies after experiencing Raszageth's endless storm.

Blizzard has only revealed this tooltip at the moment, but if you want to know more details about Mythic+ affixes, please pay attention to our website first. Not only will we keep up with the news, but we will also keep updating guides about WotLK Classic. More importantly, we can also provide a platform for players who want to buy cheap WOTLK Classic Gold. Our products are genuine and our delivery speed is fast, which will definitely bring you a satisfactory shopping experience!


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