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WotLK Classic: How To Find Headless Horseman?

Posted: Oct 19, 2022

Headless Horseman

Recently, WotLK Classic has launched the Hallow's End event in order to welcome the arrival of Halloween. This event brings new achievements, raids and tasks to players. Players will get rich rewards as long as they complete them.

Among them, most of the players had a hard time executing the Headless Horseman quest. They wasted a lot of time by not knowing the exact location of the Headless Horseman. In this guide, I'll detail how to find the Headless Horseman at Hallow's End event.

Before looking for the Headless Horseman, we first need to be clear: since the Headless Horseman was summoned from the Scarlet Monastery graveyard, we first have to reach the Scarlet monastery. Below I'll describe how players from two different factions get to the place.

If you belong to the Horde, you first need to go to where the Dalaran portal belongs, and then use the portal to go to Undercity. Undercity is actually in Tirisfal Glades. So you can find the Scarlet monastery just by walking northeast of Tirisfal Glades.

If you belong to the Alliance, your journey to the Scarlet monastery is more complicated. First you need to head to Southshore and dash north past Tarren Mill. Then take the road to the Western Plaguelands and continue west. While walking, be careful and avoid the Ruins of Andorhal. Continue west along the mountains until you reach Tirisfal Glades. Finally, you just have to keep walking towards the north of the place and you will reach the Scarlet monastery.

After reaching the destination, you need to find the pumpkin shrine to summon the Headless Horseman. Note that each of your characters can only summon it once a day. If you want your same character to be able to fight multiple times a day with it, you should do so when other players in the team summon it.

That's all for this guide. If you want to know similar information, you can continue to follow You can also buy cheap WOTLK Classic Gold here to boost your strength in this game. IGGM is always waiting for your arrival!


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