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WOTLK Classic: 5 Essential Tips To Conquer ToC For Phase 3

Posted: Apr 27, 2023

Phase 3 is on the way and if you're planning on logging, you're completely missing the point. This is the ultimate patch to prepare for Wrath endgame and you need to be getting the most out of all the content. I'll explain the five ways to get the most out of Phase 3, so you're set up for endgame success.

1. WotLK Classic Speedrunning

The first way to get the most out of Phase 3 is by challenge running and speedrunning.

Since the Trial of the Crusader is so short, most players are going to focus on execution and achievements after the first few weeks. And remember that Blizzard has decided to push players towards doing the more difficult Heroic Modes. This means you'll be doing the harder bosses with 50 Attempts. Would you rather be running into a progression brick wall or speedrunning through the raid?

Also, don't forget that the Heroic Modes will have a feature called the Tribute Chest system. The fewer wipes you have, the more rewards you'll get. And if you have zero wipes, you'll get a 272 item level cloak and a mount in the Tribute Chest.

WotLK Classic Phase 3 Guide Essential Tips to Conquer ToC

Getting through Heroic 25 for the first time without wipes is going to be an unforgettable experience. But my unfortunate prediction is that a lot of guilds will never complete the raid with zero wipes. I'm not saying to leave your current guild and go for an upgrade. But ultimately, most of the big rewards do come from doing flawless runs. That's especially true with the new achievement - A Tribute To Immortality.

Just like the Naxxramas batch, if you can clear the entire raid death list, you'll get an exclusive amount. So, if you want to get the most out of ToC, you'll definitely want to be playing with players. It can actually notice that they're standing on fire.

2. Make Alts

I was speaking of fire. Why not make an alt? ToC was actually such a good catch-ups brand that it originally made players feel like they wasted their time in Ulduar and sure modern Blizzard buffed all to our gear to try to keep the raid more relevant.

But we're expecting to get all to our nerfs. This means you'll be getting insanely strong loot from Ulduar for free on top of all your ToC loot. Phase 3 is going to throw huge upgrades in everyone like some kind of gear T-shirt cannon. So, make that Fury Warrior and Feral Druid out.

If you want to have fun raiding and get tons of gear, this is the absolute best time in WoW history. And don't forget that this raid is insanely fast without trash. Anyway, if each raid takes 45 minutes, you're only looking at 90 minutes of rating per week. That frees up so much time for all raids. I'm actually working on my Fury Warrior. I might work as a Fire Mage. I'm really going to make as many characters as possible.

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3. Argent Tournament Tips

Though if you've really got a lot of free time, you could actually just do the Argent Tournament in the open world content. I know this is going to come as a shock to many of you, but the Argent Tournament is actually underway.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of any of the quests lately other than the jousting and I've been a bit burned out. But Phase 3 brings the new daily quests and new regards. One nice thing about Phase 3 is that by doing the Trial of the Champion five-man dungeon, you'll actually get Champion Seals for free. So, I'm thinking about getting that Argent Pony Bridle to access my bank and I definitely want that Tabard of the Argent Crusade to go with my Argent Warhorse mount.

WOTLK Classic Time-Lost Proto-Drake

On top of mounts, if you're an achievement hunter, this is the pass to shore up your achievements, like the Champion's title, Loremaster or even the insane title or mount farming. The Time-Lost Proto-Drake is still a stunner and the ZG-Tiger goes away forever going into Cataclysm.

4. WotLK Classic Phase 3 PvP

What's less insane though would be getting deep into PVP in Phase 3.

PVP is going to be essential to get the most out of Phase 3. We've got the new Isle of Conquest battleground, which you can think of as a combination of Alterac Valley and a wrathy basin.

There are a bunch of new achievements. It'll be a lot of fun though the rewards are a little underwhelming right now and they're due for a buff.

Also, the new arena season will be totally unbalanced to the point of being broken. I mean, in a good way, without Arms Warriors and Paladins, especially are going to have a blast.

WOTLK Classic Solace of the Fallen

But healing also starts to scale out of control and I'll be really happy to beat you in arenas of my Priest. I mean, have you seen Solace of the Fallen, literally, infinite mana and arenas? It's insane.

5. Get Shadowmourne

If you don't want to pop out arenas, you could also start positioning yourself for Shadowmourne. I mean, sure Shadowmourne isn't in the game yet, but you should get prepared if you're running your own guild on a Paladin, a DK or a Warrior you're all set.

WOTLK Classic Shadowmourne

But otherwise, you could prepare by lobbying your guild or just farming WOTLK Classic Gold. It seems like half the streamers on Twitch are going to be farming gold for their Shadowmourne. So, you might as well join in.

I know after I get my validator, I'm definitely going to work towards a Shadowmourne. Grinding to get these legendary items is really fulfilling for me. If you've never had a legendary item of your own, I definitely recommend going for it. On Mega servers, you can expect the first Shadowmourne to be worth over 500,000 gold, so get farming.


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