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Wotlk Classic Phase 3: Big Changes Are Coming To The Loot

Posted: May 04, 2023

Recently, a big change to loot is coming. Whether you’re rating four characters a week or just getting back into the game, these are the changes you need to know about. From the new loot, Titan Rune Mode beta will drop to Ulduar gear changes to the loot changes no one is talking about. I’ll cover everything so you know what to expect in the next phase.

So first let’s get some basics out of the way, Trial of the Crusader is a catch up phase. Even if it feels unfair, this stage is designed to bring players back into the established game. Then we have to talk about the new Titan Rune Mode.

Big Loot Changes Coming in Wotlk Phase 3

New Titan Runes Modes

In Titan Runes Alpha, you were already able to get 200 items of item-level gear from normal bosses, on top of the 213 pieces of gear from Final Bosses. Let’s call this mode Heroic mode.

Then there’s the recently mined data and the new Titan Rune mode beta that Blizzard mentioned in the past. To know how Titan Runes Alpha modifies the damage in mob health from 30 to 100.

It also adds 40 damage and 140 health, and a new Titan Rune. It can even summon Keepers of Ulduar to help you. Considering how easy the current dungeons are, I know I’ll be locking my Fury Warrior in these dungeons until I’m fully caught up.

Heroic Dungeons Titan Rune Guide

Gear Drops

So you might be asking what kind of gear the new Titan Runes Modes will drop. Because they handed 232 pieces of gear out like candy, and the 225 item level gear for 10 people in Trial of the Crusader is all that’s dropped from the new Titan Runes beta.

But Blizzard themselves have mentioned that hardmode gear will be added to the mode in Phase 3. We most likely expect a 10-player hardmode to be added to Final Bosses’ new dungeon mode. This really created an interesting game loop on my new character.

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I’ll go into Titan Runes Modes first to get the 200 item level parts. Then I’ll switch to beta mode to get raid loot. I didn’t tell my Fury to leave that dungeon and go back there. Although many questions remain, starting with learning what happened to Ulduar itself in past interviews.

The Future of Ulduar

The Future of Ulduar

Blizzard did mention expecting players to bring their teams back to Ulduar for the best trinkets. And the leaked changes we’ve learned tell us that raids will be designed as a Loot Pinata that you can clean out after your more difficult raids. So this is where the new raids loot variation comes in.

First of all, you have to remember that Phase 3 is designed to bring players back into the game even at the cost of devaluing your rare items, which also means players will lose a lot of Wotlk Classic Gold. But in the long run, more players returning to the game is a good start. Everyone should be in fair competition in time for Icecrown Citadel and Cataclysm.

I mean, you can’t forget that Cataclysm. You can save 25 hardmode loot for 25 raids, so you can catch up in 10 minutes. But if you want the most powerful Vault of Archavon, you’ll need to work a little more.

The Future of Emblems

The Future of Emblems

Defense Protocol Alpha says give us five Emblems of Conquest every day. We’ll also get Emblems of Conquest from every raid dungeon, except for Trial of the Crusader, which will give us Emblems of Triumph again.

That means Heroic mode could be a great way for us to get Emblems and gear without getting into raids. Speaking of dungeons, there’s another change in Phase 3.

Secret Change

Secret Change

Some items are currently untradable in normal dungeons, it’s actually a patch for this change in the original game, whether Blizzard remembered to make this change is another matter, but it would be a nice improvement. You don’t have to worry about accidentally stealing someone’s Bisque gear, it will also be a buff for the booster meta as you can completely hang up the game while the booster is traded.

The above is the analysis of the loot changes that may come in Wotlk Phase 3 this time. If you still want to learn more about building and upgrading content and how to get equipment, I believe the following content is something you should not miss.


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