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WotLK Classic Phase 2: How I Made 2K Gold Every Single Day With These Flips?

Posted: Mar 02, 2023

I need to farm over a hundred thousand gold for Val’anyr but my favorite gold necking method just got nerfed into the ground, so I need to adapt and get creative to make at least 2,000 gold per day or that weapon’s going to somebody else six weeks from now. Here’s exactly what I’m doing every day to make all that gold. Plus, later I’ll explain the unexpected flips making me most of my profit.

Unexpected Auction House Flips

The first thing I’m doing every day when I log in is opening up the Auction House. I’m getting serious with gold making, so I’m using both TradeSkillMaster (TSM) for an Auctionator to quickly snipe and flip items. 

Then, I check my fishing, my cooking and my Alchemy groups for potential profit, such as Fish Feast, Blackened Dragonfin, Imperial Manta Steaks and Pygmy Oils. I purchased all the relevant cooking recipes for cooking awards, such as the Dalaran Cooking Award from the daily. But you can also get awards from Waterlogged Recipes

WOTLK Classic Dalaran Cooking Award

I also always check for Netherweave Cloth below 15 silver since Heavy Frostweave Bandages are guaranteed profit in between checking the Auction House every 30 minutes.

Dailies You Should Do

I always get the fishing daily done in queue for the Daily Heroic Dungeon, even though I’ve been doing the fishing daily consistently for weeks. I have gotten nothing other than this cool fishing pole, but I believe in the math and I’ll keep going until Phase 3.

And speaking of phase three, the Daily Heroic Dungeon is always worth doing, not just for the Runed Orbs every three days, but for the Epic Gems of A3

WOTLK Classic Runed Orbs

Also, I’m five months late, but I started doing the jewel crafting daily, which is a quick and easy 90 WOTLK Classic Gold per day or better yet recipe unlocks in the next phase back at the Auction House. 

More Flips You Need To Do

I’m making gold with one of my favorite secret flips. Scrapbot Construction Kits cost me around three gold to make, but they sell for six. And in order to make them, you need to complete a short quest line in the Storm Peaks

In fact, any crafts involving Saronite Ores are pure money right now. That’s because the market hasn’t caught up to the prospecting nerf Blizzard put in. Also, remember that Scrapbots and Field Repair Bots will be used in the must-have Jeeves bought in Phase 3. 

I also find time to hit up the Argent Tournament every day and I do a few of the shorter Icecrown dailies, like many people. I got burned out recently on the dailies, but the motivation of the free gold from the Argent Squire and the Argent Crusader’s Tabard has re-motivated me. 

WOTLK Classic Jack Me Some Lumber

I also pre-farmed three months Jack Me Some Lumber in one hour of my Druid. That’s 21 gold per day for the rest of the phase. Also, I pre-farmed three hours’ worth of Jousting with the full inventory, so I can just get the marks from my mailbox every day. 

The last part of my daily routine is to check if high volume items like Northern Spices are priced lower than expected. If I spot a deal, I’ll purchase them by the hundreds and repost for 48 hours. But I love flipping Abyss Crystals, Infinite Dust, Northern Spices and fishing potions. After all my daily and weekly flips, I’m currently averaging out to 1500 to 2,000 gold per day, and you can do the same. 


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