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WotLK Classic: Mage Tower Is Shutting Down During Dragonflight Pre-Patch

Posted: Oct 25, 2022

Posted: Oct 25, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Today, the pre-patch for WoW Dragonflight, one of the MMORPG expansions, is officially released. However, this also means that the WoW Mage Tower will be officially disabled starting today.

The Mage Tower has always been a tougher challenge in WotLK Classic. It classifies players according to their class specialization and groups players of the same class together. After that, as long as players work together to defeat powerful bosses, they will get rich rewards such as mounts and achievements.

The Mage Tower was originally introduced in the Legion expansion. It was later made permanent in Shadowlands in patch 9.1.5 Players have since been able to access it easily without resorting to timewalking.

Mage Tower

However, the next expansion for MMORPGs is to reimplement the talent tree, and the plan has thus broken the balance of each specialization. Even though the developers worked hard to avoid the imbalance of each specialization throughout the beta version of the extension, the end result was unsatisfactory.

That's why the challenges of the Mage Tower didn't work as expected. However, players don't have to be too sad. WoW community manager Kaivax said in its blog post that the developers "hope to re-enable the Mage Tower as soon as possible after Dragonflight is released." This also implies that the Mage Tower should not disappear for too long.

As the timing of the Mage Tower's return is uncertain, those who have been postponing the mage Tower challenge on main or off-spec should do so sooner rather than later.

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