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WOTLK Classic: How To Get Rich In Phase 3? - Five Most Profitable Professions

Posted: Jul 20, 2023

Have you been stuck with the same unprofitable professions in Wrath for the last eight months? Don’t let other players with actually profitable professions steal your Shadowmournes away from you and those big Icecrown GDKPs. And don’t even think about pulling out your credit card to buy a WoW Token because your same old min max professions are paying the builds. 

WOTLK Classic Phase 3 Changes

Phase 3 is the single best phase to change up your professions and make thousands of WOTLK Classic Gold per day. Let’s dive into the five most profitable professions that are making me rich and why you should make the switch.

First, we need to talk about why min maxing professions matters a lot less than in previous phases. In Phase 3, we have new Epic Gems, which massively closes the gap between Jewel Crafting and other professions. 

WOTLK Classic: How To Get Rich In Phase 3? - Five Most Profitable Professions

Before having Jewel Crafting gems gave me 60 extra Spellpower and now that gap is down to only 48, which leaves more room for things like Blacksmithing as some players and speedruns are even preparing leather working for Icecrown since you’ll be able to use the Greater Drums of Speed

Of course, engineering is still overpowered in PVE. We’ve got the 27 spellpower, cloak enchant, the Mana Injectors, the Nitro Boost, the sappers and the Saronite Bombs.

But jump over to Arenas and you’ll start to notice professions like Blacksmithing are much more common. That’s because you can’t even use most of the relevant engineering consumes and Arenas. 

Plus, just look at the Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket. That thing has scaled worse and worse throughout the expansion. So, the gap between professions is at an all-time low and it’s a great time to switch your professions up. 

But you’re probably wondering: which professions are actually the most profitable and which ones are making me rich?


The number five profession, making me rich, is Engineering. Most serious raiders have engineering, but there’s so much money being left on the table. 

As for which engineering items to craft for profit, I love to use TradeSkillMaster. With the regional sales rate tool tip, it shows me which items are likely to sell quickly and which ones to avoid.

One thing I love to do is to craft a few dozen stacks of Runic Mana Injectors every single week. They don’t sell that well in Phase 3 like they will in Phase 4 since the rate is so short. But you can still consistently double your money. I also like to craft Global Thermal Sapper Charges and Saronite Bombs and I sell them during raid times. 

Another thing I’ve been doing lately when I get bored waiting for raids to form as Gas Cloud Harvesting. If you go to Sholazar Basin with goggles and a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor, you can harvest Gas Clouds, which give Eternal Fires for around 400 gold per hour. 

We should definitely also mention the new Shatter Rounds and Iceblade Arrows coming next phase using Crystallized Earth and Crystallized Shadow. These require either Goblin or Gnomish Engineering. So, I’ll be switching at least one all to Gnomish to maximize the profit.

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The number four profession making me rich is Enchanting. Enchanting is definitely becoming a more popular choice, especially with Jewel Crafting falling in relevance.

But don’t let that newfound popularity stop you from making a profit. They’re selling vellums on the Auction House. There’s disenchant searches and the Saronite Shuffle, making enchanting vellums is one of the highest profit drivers.

Just set up a TSM group for all the relevant vellums and then I use the TSM crafting panel to automatically restock a certain number of recipes. That way, I can ensure I have obscure twink enchants, like the Minor Speed, stocked up without making 20 of them that never sell. 

Another great money making option I use involves the TradeSkillMaster desktop app. That app will give you the data to do disenchant searches to make free disenchanting profit.

WOTLK Classic Saronite Shuffle

Another good option we shouldn’t forget is the Saronite Shuffle. We all know I love prospecting on my Jewel Crafting characters. But unfortunately, this is a far more competitive method than it used to be. 

Lastly for enchanting, we also have the Abyssal Shatter, which can be free profit depending on the prices of the Greater Cosmic Essence.


The number three profession that’s going to make me rich is Mining.

This is the only gold making profession I don’t have on any alt. That being said, I’m currently leveling mining on my Death Knight and he should be ready to blast next week. With mining, I’m looking to profit from the sky high Titanium prices. That means I’ll be hitting up locations like Icecrown to mine serenade and titanium. On paper at least, I haven’t verified it myself that should be over 500 gold per hour.

The other and more important reason I’m leveling mining is to take advantage of Smelt Titansteel. Every 20 hours, I can turn about 40 gold worth of supplies into a 230 gold Titansteel Bar. The catch to look out for is that the cooldown got removed during Phase 4. 

We have to keep in mind that it came out during 3.3.3, which is four months after Icecrown Citadel came out. If for whatever reason, Smelt Titansteel doesn’t get nerfed immediately on Phase 4 launched. The profit could spike even higher up to 300 gold per bar. 


The second best profession making me rich is Alchemy

Alchemy is such a hot gold maker right now that I’m running it on all my upcoming alts. Once you do an initial questline, you can transmute a Cardinal Ruby every 20 hours from a Scarlet Ruby. You could really do any color, like orange. It might be more profitable, but only one gem for 20 hours. That means right now, just by logging in, I can buy Scarlet Rubies at 50 gold and flip them to over 300 gold on every single character.

On top of that, I’ve also used Northrend Alchemy Research to get new potions, like Potion of Wild Magic and Potion of Speed. I like to stock up throughout the week on supplies and then I sell my potions whenever they spike near raid days. Don’t even think about forgetting Potion Mastery though it really is a big difference maker for profit.

Best Goldmaking Profession - Jewel Crafting

My number one gold maker making me rich right now is Jewel Crafting.

I love to pre-farm the Jewel Crafting daily on all my characters and I love getting that free 130 gold profit every single day. Then, we have the Icy Prism, which costs about 30 gold per day and it can give you all sorts of Epic Gems, including Reds. 

There are the jewel crafting cuts, which drive so much of my daily profit from the Runed Cardinal Ruby to the Solid Majestic Zircon. Just like with enchanting, I use TSM groups to automatically restock gems whenever they’re at least 20 gold profit to cut. I’m not just buying other people’s gems though, since I love to prospect. I’m such a huge fan of prospecting Titanium on Faerlina even though it’s currently overpriced right now at 15 gold each.

WOTLK Classic Saronite Ore

Walleye wait for prices to stabilize again, I’ve been prospecting Saronite Ore instead. Although saronite prospecting seems dead on the surface, the Scarlet Rubies are spiking high for Alchemy transmutes.

Plus, you just get a huge amount of low value green and blue quality gems. I can typically make over 200 gold from prospecting a thousand Saronite Ore depending on prices. Really, all of these professions are great for making gold. But you definitely need investments to keep you making profit passively, too. Regarding investment issues, there are also relevant guides on this site, you can find and read them yourself.

Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich”, you can also get a 3% discount.


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