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Where To Find Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds?

Posted: Mar 28, 2022

Posted: Mar 28, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Revelry Row is literally Lost Ark's "party island", and the kids who stay there to party call it Shangra-La. There will be several of the same NPCs dancing non-stop as if it's some kind of purgatory to punish them. And, while the island has quite a few quests and tons of useful rewards, and even has its own Una's Task, only two Seeds can be found on this island. Those highly sought-after Mokoko Seeds would be fun if they showed up behind a DJ booth or in the middle of a dance floor, but even wilder if they were hidden in the bushes on the edge of the island.

For those who don't know the game, Mokoko Seeds is the equivalent of Korok Seeds from the Lost Ark version of Breath of the Wild's, but for some reason, Smilegate managed to sprinkle more Seeds on Arkesia than Nintendo did on Hyrule. Players need to search every continent to find these Seeds and Lost Ark Gold to satisfy their completionist desires, while other players are busy paying for victory, but some of these Seeds are hidden so secretly that they even appear unless the player is standing directly on top of the Seeds. situation that can be seen.

Luckily, that's not the case with the two Mokoko Seeds in Revelry Row, which are easy for players to find, so without further ado, hurry up, they'll be there waiting for you!

Revelry Row Mokoko Seeds Location

Mokoko Seed #1: Next to the actual entrance/exit of the island. Immediately after the player spawns, go to the palm tree on the right and interact with the Mokoko Seed directly below it.

Mokoko Seed #2: Since the first seed is at the entrance of the island, the second seed will definitely be as far away from the entrance as possible. So players can head to the northeast of the island to reach the corner between the bar on the right and the DJ/Stage on the left. Here, there will be an NPC named Budding Entrepreneur Zenri who gives the "Their Best Courtesy" Quest. On the ground to his right is the second Mokoko Seed.

Once these two Mokoko Seeds are collected, the mission is complete! Players can then choose to dance on the dance floor, or leave the island immediately and continue leveling up in Lost Ark (we love that). Remember, every time 50 Mokoko Seeds are collected, rewards can be redeemed at the Mokoko Village Chief's house on Tortoyk. While most of the rewards are cosmetic or related to the Eurus ship in some way, other than that can be redeemed for various Rapport Items, Stat Increase Potions, Masterpieces, and Crew Applications.

If you need more helpful help later in the game, you can get Lost Ark Gold or read the guide to do so from IGGM.


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