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The Elder Scrolls Online Dragonhold Guide: Newcomers Gold And Advanced New Moon Acolyte Set

Posted: Oct 31, 2019

The Elder Scrolls Online is the most successful of the Elder Scrolls franchise released by ZeniMax Online Studios, which recorded all the stories taking place in the continent of Tamriel. In order to keep it fresh all the time, the continuous DLCs are always bringing new content to the Elder Scrolls Online, which may be the main reason that ESO can attract countless players for so long.

Ten days ago, the latest DLC of Elder Scrolls Online, Dragonhold was updated on PC and Mac as scheduled, this is the sixteenth DLC for the game, and it will come to PS4 and Xbox One on November 5. It must be your first time to play the DLC, and perhaps you have known part of content in Dragonhold, here is a guide to help you play the game better, there are almost all things you want inside it.

How much does ESO Dragonhold cost?

You all know, the Elder Scrolls Online has never been a free game, you need to pay for every DLC, and you must purchase Dragonhold with 2000 crowns from the Crown Store unless you are a member of ESO Plus.

Newcomers Guide

As a newcomer, all you have to do is to constantly gather up XP and level up through making money or gold. If you always achieve your goal by completing simple or repeated quests, this is definitely a chore, but now we can give you several efficient ways to make ESO Gold.

There are plenty of opportunities in ESO for you to get enough materials to craft even if you are just a low-level player. You can always find materials in shelves, caves and even chests. You don't always be able to use up the things you get, and most of the time other players have already coveted your hoarding items.

Just selling the materials you collect to others can bring you wealth even if some scattered equipment, because someone will need them, while you don't need to do more, just make Gold.

If you still think this is a time-consuming task, come to IGGM, this is a store for ESO Gold for sale, it is exactly discounted now, as long as you use "IGGM" as code, you can enjoy a 5% off for each ESO order.

Experienced Guide

A new set is added to ESO Dragonhold, the New Moon Acolyte, to craft, as one of the experienced players, you'd better figure out how powerful it is and how it works.

With it, you can obtain the in-game items including Jewels, Weapons, Light Armor, Medium Armor and Heavy Armor, and once you gather up more than one items, you can get the different set bonus as follows:

(2 items) Adds 833 Weapon Critical and Spell Critical

(3 items) Adds 129 Weapon Damageand Spell Damage

(4 items) Adds 1487 Physical Penetration and Spell Penetration

(5 items) Adds 481 Weapon Damageand Spell Damage. Increase the cost of your active abilities by 5%.

The Fur-Forge Cove in Southern-Elsweyr is the place to craft, this is the New Moon Acolyte location, now you can go ahead to it.

The current success of ESO is inseparable from the fans' support, and if you still have more to know about ESO, please leave us a message as soon as possible, we'll answer all of your questions patiently.


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