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The Absolute Best Build In Elden Ring 1.08

Posted: Jan 07, 2023

This is the most overpowered build in Elden Ring and I don't think anyone will deny this. I'm going to show you the apex of builds in this game. In this article, I'll show you exactly how this build makes this game easier. Let's begin.

For this build, we'll be using four weapons. But trust me. It's not that complicated. So, let me explain. In your first slot, we'll be using Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear. This great spear is arguably the best weapon in Elden Ring right now, just because of how absurd the Ash of War is. The range of the Ash of War, the Stagger Potential and the Raw Damage Output of it is the best thing you'll experience in this game. It also literally attacks through walls and ceilings. So, if that doesn't confirm how broken it is, I don't know what will.

Elden Ring Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear

The weapon is all around good, but can be slightly slow and not as good for quick enemies unless you just slam its Ash of War. However, if you don't want to slam the Ash of War on everything you see in another slot in your left and right hand, you can run the Bandit's Blood Curved Sword. And on these swords run, any occult Ash of War specifically the one on your right hand having Seppuku on it. And this is just for the huge damage buff you get with that you can get this sword from the Church of Pilgrimage. All you have to do is kill the Skeleton Enemy right outside the church.

However, just so you know, this sword only has a two percent chance to drop. So, I hope you get lucky running two of these is optimal for its moveset since the Jumping Attacks while power stancing these swords swings four times, which can trigger Blood Loss almost every time. Using two swords of this kind isn't mandatory, just a recommendation, since the drop rate can be a little annoying for the sword. And if you're anything like me, you'll give up after an hour. But that's why I use the Scavenger's Curve Sword as my offhand, which is just a less good version of it, but it's the only thing I had.

Finally, in the last slot in your all, just run any Seal you want. This isn't really for spells. But if you like to use spells, go ahead and use anyone you like. I personally use the Seal for Flame, Grant Me Strength since it can raise physical and fire-affinity attack power and Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear actually does Fire Damage. You'll get so many buffs to your damage. It's crazy for armor. I really only have two recommendations, but this is armor. And you can really use anything you want. But, if you specifically want to be Op, then make sure that you're using the White Mask is your helmet and for your Torso, run Raptor's Black Feathers since this has added damage to Jumping Attacks. Anything else you want to wear is up to you but again the entire armor sets up to you.

Elden Ring Scavenger's Curve Sword

For your Talismans, it's kind of essential that you run these specific ones that I use firstly. I use the Claw Talisman. This again buffs Jumping Attacks, which if you pull out your Curved Swords. We'll buff that next the Fire Scorpion Charm to increase the Fire Damage on Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear. And the third slot, I run the Shard of Alexander to greatly boost your Ash of War Damage. And finally, for Talismans, I run the Lord of Blood's Exaltation. Obviously, this is a bleed build, so this is going to be a must in your physic. You can run the Flame-Shrauding Cracked Tear. This will boost Fire Damage, which the Sacred Spear does Fire Damage. And in your second slot, you can use whatever you like. Personally, I use the Stonebarb Cracked Tear here.

And I mean, yeah, that's basically it. There's not much more I really need to explain about this build. I think you guys kind of get it. It's a bleed build basically just spam the Ash of War on the Sacred Spear. I mean it really is the most broken thing in the game and it takes two brain cells to use. And this build is also one of the easiest ones you'll come across. The Poise on the Ash of War is super high, too. So, you really won't get hit out of your Ash of War that much.

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