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Best Rune Farming Glitch In Elden Ring 1.08

Posted: Jan 10, 2023

I'm going to be showing you a brand new Rune farm in Elden Ring patch 1.08.

We are first going to start off by arriving at Flame Peak. There is a specific Lost Grace that you will want to locate, which is Giant's Gravepost. We are going to then follow down this way towards the West. Most of you might be familiar with this side here. But, you're not going to be doing that Rune Farm, instead, we are going to be doing something completely different.

Just continue along this way because the cliff is the best side. Since there's some enemies on the left side will try to attack you, so this is the best way to avoid all of them. Let's just continue on the right side. There's a little Imps there that will just completely messy up, especially if you're on New Game Plus. And as you continue along, there's going to be a Fingercreeper that's going to just climb up. So, you'll want to avoid that as well. It's coming right here as you do jump the gap. There's quite a few enemies in this location, which is going to provide you with quite a lot of Elden Ring Runes when you do drop through the map.

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So, let's jump over Troll there. And then you're going to head towards the building you see in the distance. Open up the door, go inside and then interact with the lift. You are going to take this down below. Once you are down below, you will want to locate the Lost Grace, which is going to be the Giants-Conquering Hero's Grave. There you should take the lift down and then interact with the Lost Grace there. This way you can claim it.

Elden Ring Giants-Conquering Hero's Grave

Now you're good to go for the first step. The next step though is to head directly towards the lift and take the sucker up. Now, make sure that you are at the Giants-Conquering Hero's Grave and then continue forward we are going to take that lift again back up. Some of you may be thinking, how is this going to be the best Rune Farm do? I not just head towards the Mausoleum and jump off the cliff. Some of you do not have access to that area because you took out the Lesser Sanguine Noble at the Rose Church or maybe you took him out at the first step. Either way, you took him out and you can no longer take the Medallion towards it that way. So, you're forced to pretty much head towards the Snowfield and there is a skip for the Snowfield.

Yet, some of you are struggling with that, as well. So this is why I'm providing a different method for you guys out there. That just need an alternative way to collect a bunch of Elden Ring Runes quickly. This is by far one of the best ways because you do not have to head towards Snowfield and you can collect up to 150 000 to even 200 hundred thousand Elden Ring Runes. There's a lot of Elden Ring Runes that you can gather from this spot. So, let's go ahead and talk about it you're going to head towards this left side, where the Frozen Giant is. And we are going to then directly jump right off the map. Go backwards and sprint and double jump. Make sure you delay that jump by just a second and continue to swipe all the way down. Now after 30 to even 45 seconds, what should happen is that the Elden Ring Runes will drop as well as the Textures will start to fade out. The enemies will fall through the map and you are going to be able to collect quite a lot of Elden Ring Runes. As you can tell right here, you can gather up to a million within a few seconds and it's really really easy to do and I hope that you guys enjoy this Glitch.

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