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News Tag: Winter Activities

  • ACNH: When Does Snow Leave Your Island?

    Posted: Jan 14, 2022

    In ACNH, winter is still going on, which means players in the northern hemisphere will see snow on the ground for a while longer. With the addition of snowflakes, you can do many things, such as making snowmen, catching snowflakes, and getting special winter recipes.

    ACNH's winter starts around November 25th and runs until February 18th. So you still have a few weeks to go to winter-themed events and collect recipes you don't have yet. Of course, coming to IGGM to buy ACNH Items is a faster way.

    When does snow go away?

    Snowflakes will begin to melt around February 25, seven days after the winter ends in ACNH.

    This means you can start working on your island sometime after February 25, and from then on you'll be able to see grass again.

    But this tends to be random, which depends on your island, but most players will start seeing the snow melt before February 25th, others won't see it until that day.

    As in real life, the day will start to be longer. In winter, the sun sets faster, but things will return to normal around early February.

    For more news about ACNH, you can always come to IGGM to check, we will share the latest related news and game guides in time.

    Also, cheap ACNH Bells are available here, and with them, your gameplay will be smoother and your island will become more dynamic.

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