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News Tag: Riviera Maya Coast

  • FH5: How To Find Farid Rueda's Lion Mural In Playa Azul?

    Posted: Jan 07, 2022

    Forza Horizon 5 Photo Challenge for Summer Series 3 requires you to take photos of Farid Rueda’s Lion Mural in Playa Azul. This is not the most famous place on the map of Mexico, and the mural itself is hard to find in a large area.

    If you are stuck in this, IGGM will provide a guide to help you find the Playa Azul.

    How to choose the car?

    Before going to Playa Azul, you need to get in the correct car. The Herding Cats Challenge requires you to take a picture of a Jaguar. You need to go to the "Change Car" menu of the "Cars" tab. If you are using a console, you can press the View button to jump to a specific manufacturer, and then choose "Jaguar". If you don't have one, you can buy one in Autoshow or Auction House with FH5 Credits.

    Where to find Playa Azul?

    You can find Playa Azul at the far east of the map, near the Riviera Maya coast and The Goliath Race Event. This mural is located inside the town, not on the beach.

    Where to find Farid Rueda’s Lion Mural?

    Farid Rueda’s Lion Mural is located to the north of The Goliath Race Event, on the east road of Playa Azul. Pan the camera to the left and you will see a colorful depiction of a cartoon lion on the wall of the green and blue house. Once the mural is set, you are in a Jaguar, press on the d-pad, and take a photo. 

    If you unlock Horizon Promo, you only need to quickly take a photo by pressing the RB.

    Once you have accumulated 25 season points, you will unlock the Ferrari 488 GTB, which is one of the fastest cars in FH 5. Or, the faster way to get it is to buy FH5 Cars from IGGM, you can get any car you want here.

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