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News Tag: Ranni

  • Elden Ring: Characters with Correspondence

    Posted: Jul 29, 2022

    As we all know, Elden Ring can achieve such results depending on its fantastic background setting, and players can piece together mysterious legends by encountering one character after another. Many of the characters in Elden Ring have subtle connections and dualities and here are a few characters that players are keen to discuss:

    1. Marika and Radagon

    Undoubtedly, when players see that Marika and Radagon are the same person, they will be interested in continuing to explore the story of The Lands Between. The androgynous setting gives Elden Ring more room for imagination. Marika and Radagon are two split individuals, and therefore more characters have been derived.

    2. Ranni and Malina

    It's pretty much the Elden Ring theory that fans agree on. Ranni and Malina definitely have a close relationship in a lot of details. Ranni closes her right eye, and Melina closes her left. Judging from the naming rules, we already know that Ranni is the daughter of Rennala, and Malina is most likely the descendant of Queen Marika. The relationship between the two of them is likely to be similar to that of Marika and Radagon.

    3. Miquella And St. Trina

    Miquella is the twin brother of the strongest boss Malenia and one of the demigods. And St. Trina is a character that only appears in the item description. The reason why the two are considered to be related is mainly that the description of the melee weapon St. Trina's Torch mentions the carving of St. Trina, and this weapon can bring the effect of sleep sickness, which is exactly the same as Miquella's state. Secondly, the two crafting materials of St Trina's Lilly and Miqueella's Lily are also very similar. As the plot unfolds, more mysteries are bound to be unraveled about the Miquella And St. Trina connection.

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  • Elden Ring: Speculation on Ranni and Melina

    Posted: Apr 30, 2022

    Elden Ring has always been known for its sprawling and complex story, and FromSoftware's collaboration with fantasy writer George R. R. Martin adds to the game's brilliance. The legend of Elden Ring is difficult to piece together, and the connection of many characters in the whole story is not fully presented, which requires players to think for themselves, and recently, more players have been discussed the Melina and Ranni's connection.

    It can be seen from many details that Marika is not 100% loyal to the Greater Will, so in her plan, Ranni and Malina had been chosen to destroy the Greater Will in different ways. Malina is assigned to "ensure" Tarnished becomes Lord of Elden, hoping that the player will take her under the golden tree. And Ranni has been taking steps to get rid of the Greater Will's domination. As children of Marika, they have something in common that is hard to ignore.

    Judging from their biggest feature: eyes, although Melina closes her left eye most of the time in the game, in Lord of the Frenzied Flame Ending, if the player inherits the Frenzied Flame before the Forge of the Giants event, will trigger Malina's sacrifice and a new scene: Malina opens her blue left eye with no marking pattern, offering you "Destined Death."But Ranni never opened his closed eye in the game, not even in Age of the Stars Ending, which Ranni wanted most.

    According to players' speculations, it is very likely that Malina's blue pupils represent the same Dark Moon as Ranni to a certain extent, while the other golden pupils represent Golden Order. Correspondingly, Ranni's closed right eye is the same golden pupil as Malina.

    There is a lot of speculation among players about the connection between the two. Some people think that Malina is the part of the spirit and body that Ranni did not take back after he abandoned his body. This means that the two have formed a relationship similar to Marika and Ragan. At the same time, most players like these two female characters very much, and it is hoped that the connection between the two will be clearer in future updates.

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  • Understanding Elden Ring's Age of Stars Ending through Ranni's story

    Posted: Apr 13, 2022

    Players who want to achieve the Age of Stars Ending in Elden Ring need to meet two conditions: complete the Ranni the Witch questline and after defeating the final boss, use Ranni's summon sign to open the ending. This ending is not complicated, and even the fate of Lands Between has not been fully explained, so many fans do not understand this ending.

    As for the true meaning of Age of Stars Ending, we also need to start from Ranni's story.

    Ranni, as Empyrean, the power vessel of the Outer Gods, is a candidate to succeed Queen Marika the Eternal, but she does not want to be a puppet controlled by the Greater Will, so she dominates the death event known as the "Night of the Black Knives", turning her soul resides in the doll to escape from Greater Will's control and achieve freedom. So Ranni must be the enemy of Greater Will, and she hopes Greater Will could be replaced by Dark Moon. Because Dark Moon won't control her will like Greater Will.

    Many players are puzzled by Ranni's negative lines, but what Ranni wants just to express is her quest for freedom. For her, all the orders made for freedom are worth it. The player-controlled Tarnished will be taken away by Ranni as her consort.

    Admittedly, the Tarnished couldn't be the Elden Lord in Age of Stars Ending, but this ending is still a fan favorite, and its popularity is largely due to its relationship with Ranni.

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