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Elden Ring: Characters with Correspondence

Posted: Jul 29, 2022

Posted: Jul 29, 2022

Source:  IGGM

As we all know, Elden Ring can achieve such results depending on its fantastic background setting, and players can piece together mysterious legends by encountering one character after another. Many of the characters in Elden Ring have subtle connections and dualities and here are a few characters that players are keen to discuss:

1. Marika and Radagon

Undoubtedly, when players see that Marika and Radagon are the same person, they will be interested in continuing to explore the story of The Lands Between. The androgynous setting gives Elden Ring more room for imagination. Marika and Radagon are two split individuals, and therefore more characters have been derived.

2. Ranni and Malina

It's pretty much the Elden Ring theory that fans agree on. Ranni and Malina definitely have a close relationship in a lot of details. Ranni closes her right eye, and Melina closes her left. Judging from the naming rules, we already know that Ranni is the daughter of Rennala, and Malina is most likely the descendant of Queen Marika. The relationship between the two of them is likely to be similar to that of Marika and Radagon.

3. Miquella And St. Trina

Miquella is the twin brother of the strongest boss Malenia and one of the demigods. And St. Trina is a character that only appears in the item description. The reason why the two are considered to be related is mainly that the description of the melee weapon St. Trina's Torch mentions the carving of St. Trina, and this weapon can bring the effect of sleep sickness, which is exactly the same as Miquella's state. Secondly, the two crafting materials of St Trina's Lilly and Miqueella's Lily are also very similar. As the plot unfolds, more mysteries are bound to be unraveled about the Miquella And St. Trina connection.

IGGM will continue to bring you Elden Ring related information and interesting lore. Stay tuned. You can also buy Elden Ring Runes here to advance your fun in The Lands Between and use the code "CSCCA" to get 5% off.


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