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Understanding Elden Ring's Age of Stars Ending through Ranni's story

Posted: Apr 13, 2022

Posted: Apr 13, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Players who want to achieve the Age of Stars Ending in Elden Ring need to meet two conditions: complete the Ranni the Witch questline and after defeating the final boss, use Ranni's summon sign to open the ending. This ending is not complicated, and even the fate of Lands Between has not been fully explained, so many fans do not understand this ending.

As for the true meaning of Age of Stars Ending, we also need to start from Ranni's story.

Ranni, as Empyrean, the power vessel of the Outer Gods, is a candidate to succeed Queen Marika the Eternal, but she does not want to be a puppet controlled by the Greater Will, so she dominates the death event known as the "Night of the Black Knives", turning her soul resides in the doll to escape from Greater Will's control and achieve freedom. So Ranni must be the enemy of Greater Will, and she hopes Greater Will could be replaced by Dark Moon. Because Dark Moon won't control her will like Greater Will.

Many players are puzzled by Ranni's negative lines, but what Ranni wants just to express is her quest for freedom. For her, all the orders made for freedom are worth it. The player-controlled Tarnished will be taken away by Ranni as her consort.

Admittedly, the Tarnished couldn't be the Elden Lord in Age of Stars Ending, but this ending is still a fan favorite, and its popularity is largely due to its relationship with Ranni.

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