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News Tag: Happy Home Paradise

  • ACNH: How To Remove Accent Wall?

    Posted: Nov 30, 2021

    In ACNH 2.0 Update, you now have more space to express your creativity in your home. You can now place accent walls at home, move between tight spaces, customize the outside of your home, and more.

    If you do not own the Happy Home Paradise DLC, you need to purchase Pro Decorating License with 2500 Nook Miles in the Nook Shop to unlock these features.

    How to remove an Accent Wall?

    If you have purchased the DLC, then these features will be automatically unlocked when following the story of the Happy Home Paradise designers.

    After the 4th renovation, Niko will teach you to polish the furniture. After 30 innovations, you can use new design knowledge on your island. Once you unlock the accent wall, whether in DLC design mode or the main game on your island, it can be accessed through the placing furniture menus.

    In the design mode, you can hover over wallpaper and press the X to place an accent wall, and then press the button again to remove the design.

    For those who have DLC and may have purchased the Pro Decorating License before DLC, Lottie will send you a letter to inform you that she has repaid 2500 miles on her behalf.

    If you are only in the 2.0 Update, then you also have a lot to do. You can come to IGGM to buy ACNH 2.0 Items, then jump in the game. And it is also the current hot sale on IGGM, because 2.0 is a big update and brings a lot of wealth Content.

    In addition, IGGM will continue to pay attention to the development trend of ACNH. If we find some fresh ideas or creative thoughts shared by players, we will also post them in the news section in time, so that you can keep up with the latest news of the game.

  • ACNH: What To Do With The New Polish Tool?

    Posted: Nov 16, 2021

    The ACNH 2.0 update seems to have completely fascinated players. 2.0 ACNH Items has been bringing surprises to players. More options allow players to give full play to their creativity. If there are items you like, you can come directly come to IGGM to buy 2.0 ACNH Items.

    In addition, Happy Home Paradise DLC introduces the polishing mechanic, so you can add sparkle to your home furnishings. But when the options for all new features are unlocked, including the ability to use custom patterns with different effects, polishing becomes a powerful creative tool, and you can even use it to take your creation to the next level. 

    This was accidentally discovered by an ACNH player who discovered the ability to swap the polishing tool’s particle effects for custom patterns last week. Just apply the unique design to the existing effect to create roaring flames, and the fire will spread.

    How to get the polish tool?

    To get this new polishing tool, you need to own Happy Home Paradise DLC. After decorating the 4 homes, you will unlock the basic polished version, which can simply allow you to add a sparkle effect to items.

    After helping 12 customers, Niko will teach you additional polish effects and give you 14 presets to play with, each with a different appearance and behavior.

    The initial polishing effect, sparkleblast, creates a cascade of little stars from your polished items.

    Pitterpat can create little hearts that rise from your items. Steamshine can add smoke to an item and is suitable for hot tubs or barbecue pits.

    The default settings are simple, but unlocking all 14 allows you to apply your custom patterns. Players are constantly discovering new ways to apply their custom designs to optimization tools, and IGGM will always pay attention to them and share some creative ideas.

    Taking into account the diversity of items, IGGM optimized the product page so that you can better find the items you need. After you place an order, we will quickly arrange the delivery for you, so you can receive it without waiting too long.

  • ACNH: The Paid DLC Allows You To Design Vacation Homes and 5 Extra Buildings

    Posted: Oct 21, 2021

    ACNH is finally about to usher in the first paid DLC, which is Happy Home Paradise. You will be able to decorate and customize various buildings here. The premise of DLC is that you have a job in an archipelago resort, where you need to help various ACNH characters create their perfect vacation homes. It is great to customize these houses within the scope allowed by DLC. In addition, you can also customize non-house buildings, which have different functions.

    How to get the DLC?

    It will be available for purchase on November 5th, and this DLC will cost $24.99. Preorders open up on October 29 in the Nintendo eShop.

    You can also choose to spend $50 to buy a Nintendo Online membership expansion pass, which includes free DLC.

    IGGM has introduced the new content about ACNH 2.0 update, you can click here to view it. Today we’ll talk about the paid DLC.

    DLC lets you design a school

    Happy Home Paradise allows you to build a school with which villagers can interact. There are desks, lockers, textbooks, and a detailed blackboard for new students and teachers. Villagers can use tablets to take notes during class. This looks very harmonious.

    Build a restaurant

    Although restaurants are common in ACNH, villagers cannot partake in them. So in Happy Home Paradise, you can build the restaurant of your dreams and make your villagers your employees and customers. In Direct, we have seen new industrial counters and stoves, as well as new cooking utensils. So when DLC becomes available, new items will arrive as planned.

    A Designable Hospital

    Before, there were not many unexpected items in the game, but in Direct, new items such as hospital beds, waiting room benches, and X-ray images appeared. But it doesn't show any villagers interacting in the hospital, so we don't know what role this building will play.

    A working Cafe

    Direct showed Cafe in a short clip. Although it did not reveal specific details, this feature is attractive. Cafe describes a vivid environment full of activities, including villagers displayed as customers and employees, much like a restaurant.

    In short, this seems to be the change players have always wanted, but whether it will satisfy players has to wait until its official release. At that time, IGGM will also keep track of the latest news and keep abreast of the latest feedback from players.

    In addition, some of the latest ACNH Items will also be available on IGGM, and as Halloween is approaching, you can buy themed ACNH Items here. If you are an ACNH player, you will be available in the coming days. You can pay more attention to IGGM to get the latest news or in-game items.

  • ACNH: How Much Happy Home Paradise DLC Costs?

    Posted: Oct 16, 2021

    ACNH finally ushered in big news. In November this year, ACNH not only launched the final free content update, but also launched the latest Happy Home Paradise DLC, creating a lot of new content for the game.

    The ACNH 2.0 content update will be free to all players, just like the previous update, but Happy Home Paradise is an exception. It is the first paid DLC for the game. IGGM will introduce some information about the new DLC so that players can purchase the version that best suits their needs.

    How To Get Happy Home Paradise DLC?

    There are 2 ways to get Happy Home Paradise DLC:

    * individually

    * As part of the new subscription tier for Nintendo Switch Online

    The New Horizons expansion can be purchased via eShop for a one-time price of $24.99. You can also purchase it through the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack mode that will be released on October 26. There are two pricing options for the NSO+ expansion pack subscription: $49.99 per year for individual and $79.99 for family plan.

    Which Happy Home Paradise DLC is the best?

    Many ACNH players may already have a base Nintendo Switch Online subscription. If you buy it for 12 months at the same time, the annual fee is $20.

    Upgrading to an individual plan that includes Expansion Pack requires an additional $30, while Happy Home Paradise itself costs $25. Obtaining Animal Crossing DLC through NSO will also result in a partial loss of access without an active subscription.

    This expansion pack adds some convolutedness to Nintendo's online services, and many fans are not satisfied with the price of the expansion pack. If you are particularly interested in ACNH DLC, you'd better buy Happy Home Paradise directly from the eShop. The value of ACNH's new content is subjective, and $25 is the high end of the DLC, which brings new gameplay features.

    Because fans always expect ACNH to introduce more attractive things, this Happy Home Paradise can be said to be a breakthrough worth looking forward to, so many players are already looking forward to the arrival of November.

    If it introduces any new ACNH Items, IGGM will also know about them and launch them as soon as possible, so this is convenient for players. In addition, ACNH Bells has always been available on IGGM and has always been a hot-sale, as long as you need them, you can come to IGGM to buy it at any time. Now you can also get ACNH Products coupons at the coupon center, which can also save you a lot of money.

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