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News Tag: Buenas Vistas House

  • FH 5: How To Fast Travel?

    Posted: Jan 18, 2022

    In Forza Horizon 5, going fast is one of the most important factors for you to be a winner. At 100, 200, or even 300 miles per hour, you can gallop across the Mexican, but sometimes that's not enough to get you to the next race sooner. This is when you need to travel fast.

    This feature is limited initially, but after that, you can instantly teleport to any location on the map. IGGM will show you how to fast travel in Forza Horizon 5.

    How to fast travel?

    Fast travel is very limited when you first start your journey in FH 5. The map is full of purchasable houses, and you can earn Credits through races and other activities. Every house you buy becomes a fast-travel node. You can designate a house as your home by visiting and it will be a free fast travel destination. The rest will cost you 10,000 FH5 Credits every time you teleport to another house, if you're lacking some, you can buy them from IGGM.

    Open the map and hover over your houses. Select it and a popup will tell you the price for fast travel and ask you to confirm. Choose yes, and you'll be on your way to your destination in no time.

    How to unlock fast travel to any road?

    Buying a Buenas Vistas house allows you to fast travel anywhere, and doing so costs your time and a lot of Forza Horizon 5 Credits.

    You need to focus on Expeditions, which are larger racing adventures that are unlocked as you progress through the game. Expeditions are divided into 5 groups, completing the first entry to unlock houses and other destinations in a region, once you complete the Guanajuato Expedition, the Buenas Vista house is available.

    After unlocking the Buenas vista house, you need to pay 2 million Credits for it. Plan to complete many races and make sure to use Wheel Spins every time you level up, which can also be bought here.

  • Forza Horizon 5: How To Get Fast-Travel For Free?

    Posted: Nov 27, 2021

    Fast Travel is very typical in open-world games, but in Forza Horizon 5, it is very limited. When you start playing the game for the first time, you can fast travel to a single house that you own for free, but fast travel to any other house or festival hotspot will cost you a lot of FH 5 Credits, which is annoying.

    To solve this problem, you need to make some preparations in advance.

    First, you need to accumulate at least 2 million Forza Horizon 5 Credits, which you can get via Wheelspins and events, or you can come directly to IGGM to buy at a low price. After obtaining Credits, you can buy this Buenas Vistas house on the coastline of Mexico. If you don't see it on the map, you need to complete the first Street Racing expedition of the main battle.

    Buying Buenas Vistas allows you to fast travel to any point on any road in FH5, which is very useful.

    In Forza Horizon 5, fast travel billboards are everywhere. If you are close enough, you can see the small lightning bolts on your radar. There are 50 in total, and each one destroyed will reduce the price of fast travel by 200 credits. So if you hit them all, your fast travel will be free.

    You can buy the Treasure Map of FH 5 in real money microtransactions for $2.99, and you will see all 50 boards appear on your map. But a better option is to open this free interactive map, enter "fast travel" in the search box, and you will see all the locations you need.

    After that, you can enjoy your free fast travel, you can take your car to jump from one point to another, and knockdown all opponents in an instant.

    In addition, players can't say “NO” to the good cars. So you can also come to IGGM to buy Forza Horizon 5 Cars, you can find any excellent cars in the game here, from BMW to Mercedes-Benz.

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