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News Tag: Bethesda

  • The Elder Scroll Online: Dreadsail Reef Trial Preview

    Posted: May 16, 2022

    We are still three weeks away from the official release of High Isle, a new chapter in The Elder Scroll Online. Bethesda has done a lot to attract players to join, in addition to setting a more exciting story and interesting new characters, also announced a new PvE challenge: Dreadsail Reef Trial.

    Dreadsail Reef Trial is essentially a 12-player trial that tests players and their teams, with a rich plot and interesting game mechanics.

    In this challenge, the Dreadsail is a fearsome gang of pirates who have been threatening the safety of the people of High Isle and Tamriel. Players embark on a quest to annihilate the Dreadsail pirates as part of the mighty Brittany Fleet. The Dreadsail pirates' gang was headed by the Pirate Queen Taleria and established a gathering place called Dreadsail Reef. The ultimate goal of players in this trial is to defeat Taleria.

    Before actually facing Taleria, there are still many enemies to defeat, including the Maormer of the Dreadsail and their host of fearsome marine beasts. And there are many boss battles in Dreadsail Reef, which players need to complete by working with their team.

    It is worth noting that in the Dreadsail Reef Trial players will be able to get gold and collectibles as rewards for defeating enemies. Include Stormsurge Howler mount, Stormsurge Body and Face Marking. Complete all trials to earn the title "Swashbuckler Supreme". Not only that but after defeating the boss, four sets of special trial suits will be dropped, which will be able to reduce damage to players and teams.

    From what Bethesda has revealed so far, High Isle's new content is very cool, and players will be able to experience the wonderful High Isle journey in three weeks. IGGM will bring you the latest news from The Elder Scroll Online. Not only that, but we're providing you with ESO Gold for sale to help you get a head start on the new chapter.

  • ESO: A Player Turned Their House Into A 2D Platformer

    Posted: Apr 29, 2021

    In ESO, players can enjoy a very in-depth housing system, you can customize your residence according to your preferences, which also means that you can give full play to your creativity. Recently, a player who used to create mazes and puzzles at their home has played his new creation and transformed their house into a 2D platformer inspired by Prince of Persia.

    His approach was even praised by Bethesda, emphasizing that this creation is incredible. Created by Triinu, the building process took about 3 days, using existing assets and furniture to create various platforms and jumping obstacles in a unique way.

    Because Triinu has created many houses with puzzles, mazes, mud ball arenas, and other content before, and the guild Guarmageddon can enjoy it. After that, the idea of a 2D platformer suddenly appeared in his mind. He was also influenced by some old-school Prince of Persia vibes, which was also his main inspiration.

    In order to keep the house functioning properly, visitors are told to "change the camera settings so that you can use interactable without a mouse."

    Triinu said that he is crafting another 2D house, although this house will rotate the camera 90 degrees when everyone passes through a door. At the same time, they are also creating a huge adventure for their guild, which will span 4 houses and highlight the "abstract realms", that is, use portals and unlockables to reach the final position, which sounds attractive.

    Elder Scrolls Online is still one of the most popular MMO games on the market, with more than 18 million users recently. And in June, Blackwood Chapter will also appear, and fans will be exposed to new quests, gear and regions.

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  • Elder Scrolls Online: Gates Of Oblivion Is Revealed Today!

    Posted: Jan 26, 2021

    With the end of The Dark Heart Of Skyrim, new content is coming soon. Bethesda will announce the next expansion - Gates Of Oblivion on Twitch on January 26th, so players are about to become busy because they need to start exploring the new content.

    While we are looking forward to the future development of ESO, Bethesda and ZeniMax Online are already preparing for something big. Most importantly, fans will be able to access the famous Gates Of Oblivion story, some players may have seen it in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

    And at 5 pm EST on January 26, 2021, the next big saga - ESO: Tamriel Unlimited will be shown on Bethesda's Twitch. As part of the show, participants can get Twitch Drops, which include an Ouroboros Crown Crate and a new Viridescent Frog Pet, completely free of charge. During the display, you will also be able to see the developers have some special discussions about revealing big events. In addition, this is not all, community managers Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno also prepared ESO Live special programs, they will review the major features of the first half of 2021 and have a deeper divest into some new features and adventures. So stay tuned!

    As early as in the trailer, we knew that the blonde hair in it will be an important clue. She is a character who has been introduced by ESO. She is Eveli Sharp-Arrow, and you can infer her identity through the gem on her forehead, her hair and her nose ring. She used to be seen as a small quest giver in ESO, but now, she may be the one who summoned the Gates of Oblivion, and may even be possessed. In short, a series of secrets are about to be revealed!

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  • Surprise! Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Expansion Launches Today!

    Posted: Nov 25, 2020

    Fallout 76: Steel Dawn is released today, originally scheduled to be released on December 1. This expansion finally introduced the Brotherhood of Steel, and a new quest line appears.

    As early as October this year, Steel Dawn was announced. Earlier, Bethesda announced the roadmap for the 2020 content update. So the players of Fallout 76 are already preparing for Steel Dawn.

    The early release of this expansion is because the players of Xbox one encountered a bug. They downloaded the update before the update was ready, so they were locked out of the game and could not enter. So Bethesda decided to release the update in advance to allow players on all platforms to start the new expansion. Awesome!

    In the Steel Dawn expansion, you can build your own vaults. These vaults are located in separate locations under your camp. The CAMP shelters will have an independent build budget without too many restrictions, which means you can truly customize your personalized underground vault. And new characters, factions, locations, recipes, weapons, and armors will appear.

    Since its initial launch, Bethesda has received a lot of criticism. Bethesda has continued to improve and wanted to create a brand new Fallout 76 for players. Many updates have also confirmed that Bethesda's efforts are valuable. More and more players become fans of Fallout 76, which proves that improvements are making the game better and better.

    IGGM will also update relevant news as soon as possible based on player reviews. Hope everyone can have a good gaming experience! No matter what kind of game experience this expansion brings to players, Bethesda's way of releasing updates in advance for fans is definitely moving. Games that always put fans first will definitely get better and better.

    In Steel Dawn, stronger enemies will also appear, so it is time for you to prepare better armors and weapons. If you need Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, don't forget to check IGGM.

  • It's Worth A Shot! Next Fallout 76 Update Will Prep For 'Steel Down'

    Posted: Oct 12, 2020

    The next update of Fallout 76 will be released on October 13th. It will focus on bugs, some Halloween cosmetics, and some background frameworks for the exciting Steel Dawn update in late 2020.

    The Steel Dawn Update is the next major content update for Fallout 76, and this is the sixth update since the game was released. As the name implies, the Steel Dawn update will respond to the Brotherhood of Steel hugely. Just like Fallout's franchise and history, Fallout 76's Vault Dweller will have the opportunity to join the Brotherhood of stand against them at their peril.

    Bethesda announced that due to the ambitious plan for Steel Dawn, this update will be smaller than previous updates, however, this does not mean that there is no content worth looking forward to. For example, Bethesda made some improvements and changes in the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event in Fallout 76.

    Hunt for the Treasure Hunter will be officially launched on October 15th, and four keywords have been modified. First of all, Treasure Hunter Mole Miners will now be spawn across Appalachia and will scale dynamically. The better for players to earn level appropriate legendary loot. Second, some unique loot will be added and divided into its pool so that players will receive appropriate rewards.

    Third, Ornate Mole Miner Pails now have an increased drop rate from Miners and better gear can be dropped from lower quality Pails. In the end, crafted Mole Miner barrel components will cost fewer caps from vendors. This is a comprehensive and more rewarding event.

    Although there will be no bigger changes in the next update, Bethesda has some important plans for the future. Hunger and Thirst mechanics are still developing, as is CAMP Shelters. Players need to wait patiently.

    Finally, Fallout 76 did it. It makes veterans look forward to it. I believe it will attract more new players in the future. With the improvement of the fun of the game, there will be more and more challenges in the game. At this time, the advantages of Fallout 76 Bottle Caps can be more fully utilized. But it is impossible to get good equipment with a small amount of money farmed in the game. So if you don't have enough Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, you can go to IGGM to buy at any time. As a professional website, IGGM will quickly provide you with anything you need at a low price!

  • Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Update Will Bring Players A Big Surprise!

    Posted: Sep 29, 2020

    According to Bethesda's announcement, Fallout 76 will soon allow players to build underground bases. This is the first change in the upcoming Steel Dawn update.

    Despite the poor reception when it first launched, Fallout 76 has made considerable progress in the past two years. First of all, through updates like Wasterlanders expansion, the game enriches its single-player experience and creates a deeper story. It also adds a range of multiplayer modes, providing people with new ways to cooperate and compete. In addition to these updates, the game also provides more freedom for each player, allowing them to build their home base (know in-universe as a CAMP) how they see fit.

    Wait... Could this be Bethesda's "conspiracy"? because the initial feedback is not good, so players don't have high expectations for it. As long as it improves slightly, players will be satisfied.

    The Steel Dawn update will allow players to build an underground CAMP expansion, that is, CAMP Shelter. These Shelters will first be available on the newly-revived Public Test Servers in Fallout 76. Player feedback may affect the actual Shelter designs that Bethesda incorporates into the Steel Dawn update. Obviously, there will be three types of shelters, and players can put one of each in their CAMP. Each Shelter has a building budget independent of the main CAMP or other Shelters, letting players get creative easily.

    Fallout 76 fans will undoubtedly be excited about the features of the new building. Creative players have crafted incredible CAMPs full of puzzles and other gimmicks, and adding more space will lead to more possibilities. Building underground spaces is also consistent with the game's story, creating new-playing possibilities. It would only make sense for players' characters to create underground spaces, given they have lived in an underground vault for most of their lives.

    That's the first surprise in the upcoming Steel Dawn update. If you want to know more info about Fallout 76, don't forget to bookmark the news page on IGGM so you don't miss out on any Fallout 76 news and guides. For players who don't have time to farm Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, it's a good idea to buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps on IGGM. It's the fastest way to equip your character.

  • Fallout 76 Patch 22 Brings One Wasteland, Which Dynamically Adjusts Game Difficulty

    Posted: Sep 16, 2020

    Although since its release in 2018, Fallout 76 has not left a good impression on players. However, after the release of the Wastelanders expansion, players saw NPCs and dialogue options, and their impression of Fallout76 was restored. In the months after the update was released, players were full of confidence that the game could have a new lease of life, especially when Bethesda having an extensive lineup of free additional content in the works.

    However, before that, Bethesda is seeking some quality of life updates, and the recently released patch 22 makes Appalachia a more popular hub to players. The new update makes some changes to the difficulty of Fallout 76, which means that those who travel with their high-level friends no longer need to worry that they will encounter the overpowered dangers.

    This adjustment makes the difficulty more dynamic, with foes scaling to match the player's current experience in Fallout76. Depending on the player's level, foes will change their stats and XP. This means that those players who enter the late-game areas with early-game capabilities and those who return to the early-game areas with late-game capabilities will encounter appropriate opposition. It is worth noting that these enemies still have caps to how vastly their levels can increase or decrease.

    When a huge problem first appeared last month, the game itself received a lot of extra content. The free DLC introduced several notable updates, the largest of which allows players to battle the dreaded Wendigo Colossus within nuclear zones. Additions to the settlement building features also appeared, allowing more choices when building bases, and fans noticed several major bugs fixes made the cut as well.

    Of course, the game has more content, and Brotherhood of Steel will join the game in the coming weeks. This will begin with a quest called Steel Dawn, followed by a major update called Fractured Steel, which will finally bring this notorious faction into the multiplayer world.

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  • Bethesda Pushed Hotfix Notes, Suspected Of Responding The Banned Account

    Posted: Nov 13, 2019

    Bethesda banned a Fallout 76 account for finding and reporting an exploit, which caught the attention of the public, and the owner is the creator of a Fallout 76 interactive map. The follow-up development of this matter is that the owner of this banned accounted was very angry, because Bethesda did not give any explanation and refused his refund request for Fallout 1st subscription fee, which also made other players very disappointed, but it was not unexpected for this failure. It is not the first time that Bethesda received the complaints, starting from its first release, it has been marred by controversy, but most of the problems in the game are not well solved.

    A few days after the incident, Bethesda said nothing. Instead, it prepared a series of hotfixes for a discovered issue, it may be the one that the banned player once discovered, and they will be released in the coming days.

    Bethesda removed a series of in-game items, which could only be obtained by abusing an exploit, and fixed some unrepairable masks and helmets from being equipped.

    Beyond that, a number of issues are also discovered and fixed by Bethesda, such as the components assigned for sale in the Vending Machine are no longer prioritized over the Scrapbox when crafting or repairing items, and prevented Armor from taking condition damage during combat.

    In general, these adjustments are tiny, which does not improve the players' gaming experience, or even play any role. In Fallout 76, almost every update could bring more bugs, and the existing issues are not well corrected, this is the biggest dilemma that Bethesda is currently facing, and the players probably give up the game due to the excuse.

    Although I am not a professional game producer, it is easy to understand that correcting mistake is more important than finding them, this is also the principle of running an MMO service store, I always want to provide the best for consumers, which will ensure that we can exist for a long time.

    As a player of Fallout 76, I have some words to say. Honestly, Fallout 76 doesn't always satisfy me and my friends, but its unique charm makes us stay for a while, this is also the main reason why I update news related Fallout 76 on IGGM, and I will give you more help or guide when playing it, it won't stop until I give up the game.

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