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Fallout 76 Patch 22 Brings One Wasteland, Which Dynamically Adjusts Game Difficulty

Posted: Sep 16, 2020

Although since its release in 2018, Fallout 76 has not left a good impression on players. However, after the release of the Wastelanders expansion, players saw NPCs and dialogue options, and their impression of Fallout76 was restored. In the months after the update was released, players were full of confidence that the game could have a new lease of life, especially when Bethesda having an extensive lineup of free additional content in the works.

However, before that, Bethesda is seeking some quality of life updates, and the recently released patch 22 makes Appalachia a more popular hub to players. The new update makes some changes to the difficulty of Fallout 76, which means that those who travel with their high-level friends no longer need to worry that they will encounter the overpowered dangers.

This adjustment makes the difficulty more dynamic, with foes scaling to match the player's current experience in Fallout76. Depending on the player's level, foes will change their stats and XP. This means that those players who enter the late-game areas with early-game capabilities and those who return to the early-game areas with late-game capabilities will encounter appropriate opposition. It is worth noting that these enemies still have caps to how vastly their levels can increase or decrease.

When a huge problem first appeared last month, the game itself received a lot of extra content. The free DLC introduced several notable updates, the largest of which allows players to battle the dreaded Wendigo Colossus within nuclear zones. Additions to the settlement building features also appeared, allowing more choices when building bases, and fans noticed several major bugs fixes made the cut as well.

Of course, the game has more content, and Brotherhood of Steel will join the game in the coming weeks. This will begin with a quest called Steel Dawn, followed by a major update called Fractured Steel, which will finally bring this notorious faction into the multiplayer world.

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