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Skull And Bones: How To Complete This PVE World Event And Earn Monstrous Tooth? - Kuharibu Sea Monster Boss Guide

Posted: Mar 08, 2024

In Skull and Bones, nothing is more important than upgrading and equipping your ship to your liking. And Monstrous Tooth is the currency you used to buy armor and weapons from Sea People Huntmaster, which is crucial to your success on the high seas. The only way to obtain this key item is to kill Kuharibu.

Kuharibu is one of the most challenging World Events you will encounter. You’ll fight this giant Sea Monster boss in the game’s western sea off the coast of Africa.

So, in this guide, we will share how to complete this Sea Monster World Event and successfully earn Monstrous Tooth to boost your infamy rank.

Skull And Bones: How To Complete This PVE World Event And Earn Monstrous Tooth? - Kuharibu Sea Monster Boss Guide

How To Start A Quest?

Kuharibu Sea Monster is part of From the Deep Side Quest. You can get this quest from Sea People Huntmaster NPC at Lanitra Outpost, just north of Sainte Anne Pirate Dens.

From there continue northwest to Western Basin. Make sure you disembark at the outpost of Ile Michel, which serves as a quick travel point.

To find Kuharibu, then you have to sail north of Ile Michel. Since it’s underwater, it’s a bit hard to spot, but you may see it attack other ships in the area.

Skull and Bones: From the Deep Side Quest

Combat Tips

Regardless, this giant beast only has one attack. It will swim right up to your boat and hit you. This ability deals so much damage that low-level ships may not survive an attack.

Therefore, we would recommend that you make the following preparations before starting this World Event.

The most important tip is that you should always be on alert when a Kuharibu approaches your boat. This is the only way to mitigate the devastating damage caused by its ramming attack.

You can also unlock Padewakang ship. Because it has higher health, stronger defense, and more weapon slots. Don’t forget to buy a bunch of Skull and Bones Items ahead of time for ship repairs and stamina recovery/brace mitigation.

If you're with a buddy, have one player with the tanky ship hold the aggro while bracing, while your other teammate can deal damage to Kuharibu from a distance. But if you’re alone, Kuharibu might get distracted while AI-controlled vessels patrol nearby waters. So you can use this time to bomb it from a distance.

Earn Rewards

Once you successfully kill Kuharibu, you’ll receive various goodies, such as Kuharibu’s Eye, which is a key item in completing the aforementioned From the Deep Side Quest.

Also, you will receive Monstrous Tooth. As a key currency in Skull and Bones, you can use it to purchase a range of rare items from Huntmaster NPC in Lanitra. Here are other rewards you can earn:

  • Mysterious Chest
  • Beast Hunter’s Outfit Set
  • Great Springald III Blueprint
  • Ouroboros Blueprint

Skull & Bones: How To Get Monstrous Tooth?


This is how you defeat Kuharibu Sea Monster in Skull and Bones and get Monstrous Tooth.

Don’t forget that you can still kill the beast over and over again whenever it respawns. Or this can be part of the contract once you reach Kingpin rank. You can then continue to accumulate more Monstrous Tooth currency.

Again, this isn't the only special high-value target you'll encounter in the game, like Maangodin Ghost Ship roaming Southern Basin. But with high value comes high risk, so equip your ships and start dominating the oceans!


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