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Skull And Bones: Is Ouroboros The Best Armor To Take For Ship Build In Season 1?

Posted: Mar 08, 2024

Here's the new Skull and Bones guide! Today, I am going to show you something about the legendary Ouroboros armor. We’re going to delve into some rigorous testing to determine the true prowess of this remarkable piece of gear. So, without any more delays, let’s dive right in and get started on our analysis!

Ouroboros Overview

The Ouroboros armor is a complete package, boasting a value of 400 points on a ship. It excels in prolonged combat situations, courtesy of its perk, Amalgamate, which not only restores health while bracing but also replenishes HP outside of combat, reducing the need for Repair Kits significantly.

Skull And Bones: Is Ouroboros The Best Armor To Take For Endgame Ship Build?

This armor provides robust protection against Explosive, Flooding, and Fire damage, making it remarkably versatile. It offers substantial resistances - 20% to explosions, 30% to flooding, and fire - which can prove invaluable in combat situations.

How To Get This Armor?

If you make your way over to Lenitra, you’ll find that this is the place where you can obtain the illustrious Ouroboros armor. However, acquiring it won’t come cheap - it will set you back 50 of those coveted Monstrous Tooth. So, hopefully, you’ve been diligently farming since the game’s inception to gather these teeth, as they are the sole means by which you can obtain this blueprint.

When it comes to acquiring Monstrous Tooth, there are a couple of avenues you can explore. Daily contracts are one reliable source, and another fruitful method is farming Zamaharibu. I highly recommend tackling this endeavor in a group for maximum efficiency.

Perhaps most intriguing are its crafting requirements. To fashion this remarkable armor, you’ll need 4 Ouroboros scales and 4 Monstrous scales, along with a selection of other materials that can be obtained through diligent farming efforts.

Unique Abilities

Next, let’s take a look at its unique abilities. Firstly, it comes equipped with Amalgam, a feature we'll be putting to the test. Amalgam allows for the restoration of 15% of total health while bracing, a beneficial effect that activates upon initiating a brace.

Besides, the armor boasts Restoration, which steadily regenerates 100 severe damage every second. While the usefulness of this ability may vary depending on the situation, it can prove particularly advantageous when contending with flooding damage or engaging formidable bosses.

Testing The Performance Of Ouroboros

So, I conducted an experiment where I intentionally lowered my health and engaged in some bracing, observing a slight increase in health upon releasing the brace. Although the health restoration was minimal, it was indeed present. Consequently, I made the decision to replace my Brigatine with the Ouroboros armor, considering its higher health capacity.

Given that Amalgam promises a 15% health restoration, I hypothesized that having more total health might yield greater benefits. To optimize its potential, I equipped the armor on the Snow, which boasts higher health stats, and supplemented it with various furniture pieces aimed at enhancing stamina recovery, increasing stamina, and augmenting health. This strategic approach aimed to maximize the advantages offered by this exceptional armor.

Let's go back into the testing phase. Once again, I braced myself and observed the outcome. The health restoration was, I'd say, marginally improved, perhaps about the same. While the regained health is modest, it still provides some assistance. Additionally, the ability to recover severe damage per second proves valuable, especially during boss encounters.


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