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Skull And Bones: How To Speed Up Smuggler’s Pass Progression In Season 1?

Posted: Mar 12, 2024

Like many live-service games, Skull and Bones provide players with fresh content as new seasons every once in a while, and Smuggler’s Pass is the content that Season 1 players focus on.

After unlocking Smuggler’s Pass, complete a variety of weekly, monthly, and seasonal challenges to earn additional seasonal rewards. Here’s everything players need to know about Smuggler’s Pass and Tokens in Skull and Bones.

Skull And Bones: How To Speed Up Smuggler’s Pass Progression In Season 1?

How To Unlock Smuggler’s Pass?

To unlock the seasonal Smuggler’s Pass, players need to open the menu and navigate to the store. Alternatively, players can follow any prompt provided when the game launches.

After navigating to Smuggler’s Pass purchase page in the store, any player with a token can easily unlock the pass without purchasing any additional in-game currency. Of course, you can also choose to trade some Silver with Token to unlock a small amount of Smuggler’s Marks.

After getting the pass, players must take a few more steps to actually claim their seasonal rewards for the season.

Skull and Bones: How to Get Smuggler’s Pass Token?

Receive African Ailment Contract

Before players delve into exploring the challenges and rewards throughout the season, they first need to interact with the newest NPCs in Pirate Den. Among them, Saint Anne Den is almost a must-see for you.

Players need to talk to the pirates here and complete African Ailment contract to open Smuggler’s Pass menu. Players cannot access the challenges or rewards list until the first contract is completed. So you’d better complete the contract assigned by Smuggler’s Network pirate as soon as possible.

This contract is very simple. You just sink a Plaguebringer ship, collect the captain’s head, and return to Pirate Den.

Skull And Bones: The African Ailment Overview

Sink A Plaguebringer

During the battle, players will find that Plaguebringer’s level is very high. So I suggest you make sure to prepare repair kits, food and other Skull and Bones Items, and equip the best ship to join the battle. If possible, team up online with some friends or other villains to increase your chances of success.

Once players find and defeat Plaguebringer ship, be prepared for an influx of more Plaguebringer ships. Note that since the player has the captain’s head, this faction’s ships will become more reluctant and will chase the player to the end of the map.

Collect And Turn In The Captain’s Head

Notably, players can sail to the nearest outpost and return directly to Saint Anne after collecting the captain’s head. Alternatively, you can store the captain’s head in a warehouse to prevent Plaguebringer ship from becoming hostile to you, thereby bypassing the voyage back to Saint Anne.

If players are up for a challenge, they can trek back to any Pirate Den with the captain’s head to battle Plaguebringer. This is also a great way for you to accumulate infamy points and earn silver chests.

Once players return to Smuggler’s Network pirate and turn in the head of one of Le Peste’s captains, they will gain full access to Smuggler’s Pass.

Everything in the Skull and Bones Season 1 Smuggler’s Pass

Challenges And Rewards

The pass is now available in the log. Open the menu and click on the far left to find Smuggler’s Pass content. Here, players can see all the challenges and rewards they can tackle during the 90-day season.

The challenges are divided into two parts: rolling wave challenges that can be completed monthly and weekly. By completing these challenges, players will earn Smuggler’s Marks, a currency that can be redeemed for rewards throughout the season.

Players can spend these currencies on Quartermaster, Gunner Master, and Shipmaster Trees to unlock 30 individual rewards for each tree.

In addition, players can unlock two additional rewards in Completionist Tree, get a new Barque ship blueprint after unlocking 45 rewards, and get a new pet after unlocking all 90 rewards.

Players can also speed up progress in Smuggler’s Pass by simply earning infamy points. This means there are also certain seasonal rewards for completing contracts and simply sinking ships.

Please note that Season 1 Smuggler's Pass progress will reset at the end of the 90-day season. So get out there and earn rewards as soon as possible!


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