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Skull And Bones: Efficient Strategies For Defeating The Endgame Boss - Zamaharibu

Posted: Mar 13, 2024

Hi, gamers! Welcome to this new Skull and Bones guide! Today, we will discuss how to easily defeat one of the endgame bosses - Zamaharibu. After defeating the boss, there are a lot of bonuses are waiting for you.

Skull And Bones: Efficient Strategies For Defeating The Endgame Boss - Zamaharibu

We have a new bounty known as the Jaws of Retribution, featuring the Zamaharibu. This is your ticket to acquiring the exquisite Ouroboros armor and a plethora of new cosmetic items.


The reset begins at 6:00 PM PST. If you've acquired your bounty or not, you'll need to adjust your time accordingly. Head over to the designated location, where someone will either be engaging in the bounty or preparing to do so, but only right after the reset.

This window lasts around 15 minutes, but it should be adequate to complete at least one run. If you've already completed it, you can remain in the same spot, switch servers, and hope to find others engaging in the same activity.

This opportunity is exclusive to the period immediately following the reset. This is the prime time for everyone to tackle their bounties simultaneously. However, if you prefer to solo the encounter, it's feasible, albeit the boss can pose a challenge if unprepared.

Farming Boss

After completing your bounty, there's a guaranteed method to continue farming the boss that ensures you acquire all the necessary skills. First and foremost, head to Lantira and ensure you turn in your bounty to claim your rewards.

Here's what you need to do: Search for the Skull and Bones Discord server, which is their official platform. Once you're on the server, navigate to the subreddits section, where you'll find a dedicated channel for world events. Here, you can participate in the Jaws of Retribution event, where numerous players are actively engaged.

This server is an excellent resource, especially if you're playing solo and looking to connect with others pursuing similar objectives. This is precisely what I did to successfully farm the new boss. Join the server, where you'll find plenty of individuals eager to farm the boss and have a great time together.

Armor & Furnitures

For those who haven't acquired the latest ship yet, I recommend gearing up with the Wailing Ward and ensuring you equip the Water Tank. Prioritize stacking stamina recovery and stamina stats – all stamina, to be exact. This strategy will significantly bolster your ability to withstand the boss's attacks while utilizing the armor to its fullest potential.

Skull And Bones Wailing Ward


Another compelling reason to team up with other players is to maximize your loot potential. This becomes particularly crucial if you aim to avoid wasting time obtaining just one of those coveted Monstrous Scales. When it comes to facing the boss, it can escalate into a much more challenging situation. You may encounter enumerous instances where additional pirate ships suddenly appeared, adding to the chaos.

Nevertheless, it's all good because fellow players rallied to our aid. Sticking to the same location and switching servers may eventually lead you to fellow farmers. While such encounters are rare, typically occurring around 30 minutes post-reset, you'll find plenty of eager players ready to join in the hunt within a 20-minute time frame.

Team Up

Once you've teamed up and successfully vanquished the boss, you'll reap significantly better rewards. It's well worth joining forces with a group to take on this formidable boss.

There may be casualties along the way. The loot we obtained will be truly remarkable. So, whether you opt to tackle the boss solo at reset or team up via the official Skull and Bones Discord server, forming a group is the way to go.

The benefits are substantial: you'll receive 2 Zamaharibu blue scales and 8 Monstrous Teeth, a bounty that significantly enhances your gameplay. The dynamics shift when you're part of a team, so don't hesitate to rally your crew and embark on this exhilarating journey.


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