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Skull And Bones: How To Complete The New Sea Monster Bounty And Craft Ouroboros Armor? - Jaws Of Retribution Guide

Posted: Mar 15, 2024

Recently, Skull and Bones Season 1 update dropped the new Sea Monster Bounty, Jaws of Retribution. This bounty quest allows you to quickly collect Monstrous Scales needed to craft Ouroboros armor blueprint.

In this guide, I want to talk about how to take on this Bounty quest and where to complete it, and then quickly touch on the new Ouroboros armor we can get. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this new event!

Skull And Bones: How To Complete The New Sea Monster Bounty And Craft Ouroboros Armor? - Jaws Of Retribution Guide

Jaws Of Retribution Bounty

To start Jaws of Retribution in Skull and Bones, you need to go to Bounty Board and accept the contract. It refreshes every day so you can keep collecting it.

Then head to the bounty locations shown here and you can farm the monsters multiple times, especially if you have friends who have bounty. You can join in and help them. Don’t forget to prepare some necessary Skull and Bones Items in advance to increase your chances of completing the bounty.

Since Sea Monster here has level 11, and it does pack quite a punch, I’d suggest you’re better off picking a high-level ship with defensive or healing abilities, such as a Snow or Barque Ship. This way you can fight it from a distance with Mortars and Bombards.

Also, it should be noted that this Sea Monster seems to cause piercing damage. Therefore, you can mitigate 30% of piercing damage by using Royal Custodian armor here. Of course, Black Prince, which also has piercing damage mitigation, may actually be beneficial.

Please note, try not to bump into other ships during the battle, as NPC factions will assist in the fight against Sea Monster if they are not hostile to you. Also, watch out for it to submerge and attack you from below, but you can dodge it to avoid damage and make multiple attacks when it breaks through.

How to complete Jaws of Retribution in Skull and Bones?

Get Ouroboros Armor Blueprint

You can run it multiple times in a group and defeat it to get more Monstrous Tooth and Monstrous Scales. Using these Tooth and Scales you can now craft Ouroboros armor.

You can find the blueprint worth 50 Tooth at Lanitra Outpost. These Monstrous Tooth can be dropped from this new Sea Monster and older monsters currently appearing in contracts at Lanitra Outpost.

Skull And Bones: Ouroboros Armor Blueprint

Is Ouroboros Armor Worth Trying?

The question now is Ouroboros armor really worth it? There’s quite a little of debate on this issue, and the consensus seems to be that there’s a pretty big problem here, which is that the gear score here is 400, making it much more difficult to get to level 12 ships. But if you replace this with Black Prince, you lose 20 points and the situation is even worse.

If you’re trying to minimize your ship’s level, the perk here restores 100 points of severe damage per second. But this main perk, which restores 15% of Hull Health, only appears after bracing ends, which is a point of contention.

So it’s hard to say how much therapeutic benefit you’re really getting from testing on several ships. Its healing effect is minimal at best, and sometimes appears to be none, depending on how much damage was done when the brace broke.

Regardless, the new updates released this season do bring some new challenges to Smuggler’s path, including PVP-related challenges and the new Trade Convoy Event and the return of Fara Elite Warship World Event in East Indies.

There’s a lot of new content in the game again, but hopefully we’ll get an idea of this new Sea Monster armor. Because it doesn’t seem to do what it’s supposed to do at all. If you have any thoughts on this, please share it.


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