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Skull And Bones: Utilize These Approaches To Increase Your Silver Amount In Season 1

Posted: Mar 15, 2024

Silver serves as the primary currency in Skull and Bones, and many players often inquire about strategies to accumulate large amounts of it. Interestingly, I employ no unique methods compared to other players when it comes to farming. I engage in contracts, dispatch numerous ships, trade with fellow players, explore treasure maps, plunder foes, and hunt rogues.

Skull And Bones: Utilize These Approaches To Increase Your Silver Amount In Season 1

Simply playing the game conventionally is usually sufficient to amass around 100K silver within a couple of days. However, accumulating millions can pose a challenge. The key lies in 2 factors: Commodities and Helm Materials. Allow me to delve into these aspects before discussing the substantial benefits of plundering and hunting rogues.

Trading Commodities

When trading commodities in Skull and Bones, you may encounter red or green arrows, indicating price fluctuations. While one or 2 red arrows typically lower prices by 10 to 20%, green arrows can inflate them by 2 to 4 times their average value. Here's a guide to locating them:

Map Navigation: Open the map and ensure you're at the second level of zoom. Hover over regions to view information on the right, highlighting commodities in high demand.

Identify Demand: These regions with high demand are where NPCs and settlements are more likely to offer one or 2 green arrows for your commodities.

Interact With NPCs: Load your cargo with a variety of commodities and engage with NPCs until you find one displaying 2 green arrows. Patient traders may settle for 1 arrow, but it's usually not difficult to find 2.

Exploration & Deals: For those seeking adventure, sailing to settlements and foes may yield lucrative deals. However, remember that prices reset hourly, so previous premium offers may not be repeated.

By following this method, I successfully sold all the commodities I gathered during the beta for 700K silver, far surpassing the expected 200K to 300K.

Helm Materials

Now that you grasp the handling of commodities, let's explore Helm materials. If you're not planning to use your Helm materials to boost manufactories for more Pieces of Eight, you might be tempted to sell them to other players.

Skull And Bones Helm Materials

However, for those aiming for silver, it's more profitable to use them in the refinery to craft tier one Helm items like White Skull Rum. Subsequently, utilize these Tier 1 items to produce Tier 2 items like gold skull rum. Once you have Tier 2 items, transport your cargo to your warehouse.

Utilize your sloop to carry numerous Skull and Bones Items and load your cargo with Gold Skull Rum. Head to Skalok to sell these items for 250 silver each. For instance, with 10,000 Sugar Canes, you can acquire 10,000 white rum and then 5,000 Gold Skull Rum, yielding 1,250,000 silver when sold to Skalok.

Regarding the calculations, assuming no upgrades with your pieces of eight, these numbers will increase if you have upgrades. The figures presented are the raw numbers, with a ratio of 2:1 for 2 raw materials equaling 2 Tier 1s and 1 Tier 2.

Crafting fees amount to 5 silver for Tier 1s and 10 silver for Tier 2s. Subtracting 15 fees from 250 to 235 silver per unit, making each raw material worth 117.5 silver. Upgrades in Smuggler Operations will provide additional room, enhancing the value of your materials.

Plunder & Hunt Rogues

Let’s talk about the 2 main activities people do for silver: plundering and hunting rogues. Plundering will grant you like 10 to 15K silver through killing ships, completing the plunder, and selling the items using the green arrows, of course, plus 300 Helm Materials from the contract at the end, which is worth around 35K. So, each Level 10 for is worth like 50K silver. It takes about 10 minutes to do.

When the quest resets in your smuggler hideout, you can often do the 6 of them in 1 hour with a group and so get around 300K silver in one hour by defeating 3 top rogues. So, 2 of them give you around 12 commodities worth 2K, 2 chests of silver worth 550 silver each in loot, 250 to 300 silver for the killing, and around 35 Helm Materials worth 4K.

Each rogue fight is worth around 7,500 silver. With a group, you can farm about 50 rogue fights in an hour, 100 rogues in total, meaning you can do about 375K per hour doing this method.


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