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Skull And Bones: A Simple Guide For Conquering The Fleet Of Pestilence In Season 1

Posted: Mar 06, 2024

The Fleet of Pestilence is a new faction that came into the game with Skull and Bones Season 1 and can be quite tough to deal with at first. However, there are things in the game that make the Fleet of Pestilence a lot easier to deal with. So in this guide we’re covering exactly that to help you out with Season 1 of Skull and Bones - How to defeat the Fleet of Pestilence in Skull and Bones Season 1.

Basic Requirements

Without acquiring the knowledge and skillset, you'll find yourself at a severe disadvantage against this formidable faction. Therefore, I highly recommend prioritizing the acquisition of this critical information, which I'll promptly share once I've disengaged from combat. With this invaluable insight, you'll be better equipped to confront and conquer the challenges posed by the Fleet of Pestilence in Season 1 of your adventures.

Skull And Bones: A Simple Guide For Conquering The Fleet Of Pestilence In Season 1

Unveil Vulnerabilities

When confronting the formidable adversaries of the Fleet of Pestilence, it's crucial to employ effective strategies that target their vulnerabilities. In this comprehensive guide, I'll not only reveal how to defeat individual enemies from this faction, but also elucidate the overarching tactics necessary for overcoming their collective might. The impact of implementing these strategies is truly transformative.

Proactive Engagement

However, close scrutiny reveals that a mere observational approach may not yield the desired results. Utilizing a spyglass may not provide the insight needed to discern their weaknesses. Adopt a proactive stance and moving closer to engage these adversaries, I will demonstrate precisely how to dismantle them solo. By focusing on exploiting the distinctive red weak points on these enemies, you'll gain a significant advantage in combat. These weak points are indispensable for effectively neutralizing threats posed by the Fleet of Pestilence.


I highly advocate for prioritizing the acquisition of this crucial information, chiefly because these enemies are slated to become a significant component of your gameplay experience, particularly throughout this season's duration. Incorporating this knowledge into your strategies will not only streamline your encounters, but also spare you considerable time and effort in navigating through challenging scenarios.

Now, let's delve into a specific aspect that can greatly enhance your effectiveness against the Fleet of Pestilence: the La Potence Schematics. This invaluable tool is unlocked at Level 20 in the Quartermaster section of the Smuggler Pass. Once unlocked, you'll need to embark on the process of crafting it to fully harness its benefits.

Offensive Furniture

If we go into the Offensive Furniture in the Codex, you are going to see the La Potence Schematics is the first one. It’s going to take 12 Magnetite Ingots, then you’re going to need crude salt peter, screw mechanisms, rubber, precision drilling bits, and also garnet salt peter, along with some silver. So, it’s really expensive. But if you’re doing your collection runs, if you’re wanting to take down at last or if you’re just in general fighting the Fleet of Pestilence, this is really important. Skull and Bones Items play an important part in Skull and Bones Season 1.

Enhance Tactical Awareness

Because what it does is increase the damage to weak points to enemy ships by 10%, and then it reveals the weak points on the Fleet of Pestilence. Without this, you are not going to see weak points on any of the Fleet of Pestilence ships. But as soon as you have this equipped in one of your furniture slots, you’re going to see every single weak point. So, any Fleet of Pestilence ship in the game is going to be 10 times easier to take down.

So, that's just a short guide to let you know how to easily or quickly take down the Fleet of Pestilence in Skull and Bones.


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