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Skull And Bones: This Dangerous Boss Fight Can Bring You Huge Rewards! - Maangodin Ghost Ship Battle Guide

Posted: Mar 06, 2024

Skull and Bones is filled with dangerous Sea Monsters and notorious wanted pirate enemies. If you want to become a pirate lord who rules the high seas, then fighting these dangerous and challenging boss battles is a must-do.

Maangodin Ghost Ship is also a boss battle that excites many players because it is one of the longest battles at sea. In this guide, we’ll share how to find and defeat this mysterious Ghost Ship, bringing you glorious rewards.

Skull And Bones: This Dangerous Boss Fight Can Bring You Huge Rewards! - Maangodin Ghost Ship Battle Guide

Ghost Ship Location

Until then, since many map encounters are random, you may be wondering how to find Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones and where it spawns.

While finding Ghost Ship is the first step, defeating it is another story. Once you find it, it’s worth gathering some tips and tricks before the fight to give it the best chance of defeating it.

To find Ghost Ship, you need to travel to an outpost called Oubliette southeast of Saint-Anne. Stop at the outpost and talk to Mysterious Rogue NPC to get Oceans Apart Contract.

Skull And Bones: Oceans Apart Contract

This causes Oceans Apart marker to appear on the map, usually east of Oubliette, where the mysterious Ghost Ship named Maangodin is located.

Although the contract states that Ghost Ship will only appear at night, it is still possible to find it during the day. However, as you approach the ship, the environment within the yellow area of the map becomes darker and colder, creating a nighttime effect. Therefore, you can use Spyglass to observe Maangodin Ghost Ship from a safe distance.

Skull And Bones: Maangodin Ghost Ship Location

The Best Strategies To Defeat Ghost Ship

Since Maangodin is a high-level battleship that requires players to expend a significant amount of health to defeat it, this is a battle that should not be taken lightly and preparation is crucial.


If you’re just looking to see this Ghost Ship up close, be prepared to sail quickly and bring some Skull and Bones Items with you to increase your resistance.

Once Maangodin spots you, it will chase you and fire a stream of blue explosives or a flamethrower attack. The impact of these attacks is devastating, so avoid standing in front of it if possible.

In order to defeat Maangodin, it is crucial to be prepared for a long battle. You can buy some decent weapons to shoot at long range if needed and deal high damage at close range, plus some armor to defend against their high-powered attacks.

As a level 8 ship, I’d suggest you’d better be at a similar level before trying to fight it to avoid near-instant annihilation.

Combat Tips

During combat, you’ll need to target Maangodin’s red skull-like weak points, mainly those located near the bow and rear, as it won’t be vulnerable to shots from elsewhere. Successfully hitting these weak points will cause damage and cause Ghost Ship to emit a high-pitched scream.

To be more efficient, you’re better off sailing closer to these weak points and performing efficient crew attacks, such as firing Muskets or throwing Firebombs. You should also keep an eye out for ships disappearing and reappearing.

The ship you choose in this battle is also crucial. Using a ship with higher Infamy Ranks like Padewakang can help improve your chances of winning. If all else fails, you can also try asking other pirates for help, or try fighting with friends.

Skull And Bones: Maangodin Ghost Ship Loot


After Maangodin is defeated, it drops various types of loot as a reward:

  • Tarnished Ring
  • Blue Specter Ship Weapon Blueprint
  • Ethereal Ashes
  • Mysterious Chest
  • Silver Chest
  • Precision Drilling Bits
  • Screw Mechanisms
  • Repair and Restoration Kits
  • Treasure Map

Don’t forget, returning Tarnished Ring to Mysterious Rogue NPC as proof of victory completes Oceans Apart Contract and rewards you with 3000 Silver. You can also continue farming Ghost Ship after it regenerates for more rewards. That concludes this guide. Good luck!


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