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Skull And Bones: A Quick Guide On How To Build A Sturdy New Solo Barque

Posted: Mar 04, 2024

The Barque, a brand new boat featured in Skull and Bones, coveted by players eager to unlock its potential. I’ll walk you through crafting a solo Barque build in the highly anticipated Skull and Bones Season 1. Join me as we dive into how to harness its power for a solo adventure on the seas.

Skull And Bones: A Quick Guide On How To Build A Sturdy New Solo Barque


When it comes to the weapons that I am using positioned at the bow, I’ve equipped the formidable Dardanelles Gun to lead our offensive charge. To the port side, we have the newly introduced Carronade, obtained through the Smuggler Pass or available for free, enhancing our firepower. On the starboard side, we deploy an additional Carronade to bolster our arsenal.

Guarding our stern, another Dardanelles Gun stands ready to repel any threats from behind. And at the heart of our weaponry, nestled amidships, the Leopold III mortar reigns supreme, providing devastating firepower to devastate our enemies.


For the armor, I’m using the Black Prince armor. Now, the Black Prince armor is amazing with the new boat - Barque. Because with the Black Prince armor, you get the reduced damage taken by 50% when hull Health is less than 33%. And also with the boat, you restore 0.5% of severe damage and 5% of hull Health per second.

As well as for nearby friendly boats. You can also restore 15% of stamina, 10% of severe damage, and 60% more of hull Health on a friendly boat while using a repair weapon. The armor is perfect for this new boat in Skull and Bones.


Now, in terms of the furniture, I've opted for the Scrapper Station. This choice ensures efficient utilization while maintaining optimal functionality. Another effective alternative piece of furniture worth considering is a Rigging Station (if you have one). This is an equally viable option as Scrapo Station.

Skull and Bones Rigging Station

For the second piece, I've opted for the Double-planked Hull, granting a 5% increase in maximum hull Health. As for the third item, I've chosen the Culverin Works I, enhancing the Elemental damage multiplier of the culverin by an impressive 19%.

Additionally, I've acquired the La Potence Schematics I, available in the Smuggler Pass at no cost. This valuable piece augments damage to weak points on enemy bards by 10% and reveals the weak points on the Fleet of Pestilence, a new adversary introduced in Skull and Bones Season 1. Lastly, I've incorporated the Grindstone I, heightening the projectile speed of all weapons by 5%, excluding the sea fire and auxiliary weapons.


Now, I’m going to go into battle, and I’m going to show you how much damage this boat can do, and also the regeneration of the health that the boat gives you. We're going up against 2 rogue boats.

Also, I forgot to mention, with the weapons that we really have, we are going to be causing a lot of flooding damage, which is very good. The Carronade is helping with the flooding, and the rogue boats are having the flooding effect on them.

Skull And Bones Combat

When the screen it turns green, it is healing. You should see on all the corners of the screen the need to take this little rogue boat down. So as we are just going to wait, you will see the green parts that are happening on each part of the screen. And if you look at the health, the health is regenerating little by little.

The weapons we are using help with the flooding mechanic. But if we look at the Mobid Angel rogue boat, what we are going to do, we’re going to shoot with the Leopold III. It will then activate the flooding effect, and then once we get close enough, the Carronade will help also with the flooding. And just like that, the Barque build is already done.


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