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Skull And Bones: 5 Tips To Become The Richest Pirate In The Ocean!

Posted: Mar 02, 2024

Normally, when we start playing some open world action-RPG, earning enough gold coins has always been our first priority. Of course, Skull and Bones is no exception.

In the game, whether it is through plunder or trading, farming more Skull and Bones Silver can always help us get a better gaming experience. Because it’s essential for getting various items like blueprints, weapons, and cosmetics for your ships and characters.

In this guide, we’ll share 5 major ways to earn silver to help you become the richest pirate leader in the seven seas!

Skull And Bones: 5 Tips To Become The Richest Pirate In The Ocean!

Complete Main Quest

When playing Skull and Bones, you need to follow the major story until you reach Sainte Anne and get your first ship. However, after you obtain the ship, you can choose to explore the map or continue the mission.

However, if you want to get enough SAB Silver early in the game, continuing these missions is your best bet. This is because, unless you get to a higher level, you won’t be able to use most of the other methods mentioned here.

You can see the primary tasks and side tasks displayed with different icons on the map. After completing the tasks, you will obtain the corresponding silver coins as rewards.

Participate In Plunder

Once you get your first ship, you can participate in the endgame battle. But before attacking, make sure the target ship is at the same level as you or lower.

When traveling through water, you’ll typically pass various ships from different factions. Scouting these ships with Spyglass will let you know how much silver you’ll get from sinking them.

After you reach level four or higher, you can also participate in plunder various settlements on the map.

However, it is recommended that you seek help before starting a plunder settlement. Because once you start plundering, you’ll have to constantly fight nearby faction ships and towers. The level and strength of reinforcements depends on the number of Hostility symbols you receive from your faction.

Skull And Bones: Plundering Forts and Settlements

Looking For Shipwrecks

When viewing the map, you can also find various items on the coast, including shipwrecks. Once you get close to the shipwrecks, you can use the right Crowbar to force it open and get a bunch of items, including silver coins. It’s important to note that the number of items you get depends on your performance in the mini-game.

Skull And Bones: Looking For Shipwrecks

Trading Items

Every time you sink ships or raid outposts and capitals, you can earn different Skull and Bones Items.

When you look at cargo, you will see commodities written under certain items. These items are not typically used for crafting, and you are free to sell them to merchants willing to pay a premium for additional silver.

Complete Bounty Quest

Once you get further into the game and reach level six or higher, you can start the advanced work in Bounty quest. These quests are open to you very early, but most of them require you to reach a high level.

Keep in mind that there is also a time limit to complete these tasks. Therefore, before entering these battles, make sure you have enough cannonballs and food.

Skull And Bones: Complete Bounty Quest

In short, following this guide can help you accumulate enough silver in the early stages of entering the game. So, start sailing and dominate the ocean!


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