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Skull And Bones: A Brief Introduction To The Ultimate Sambuk Ship Endgame Build

Posted: Mar 01, 2024

In this guide, I aim to create a powerful endgame ship build using the Sambuk in Skull and Bones. By strategically incorporating specific furniture pieces alongside Fire Bombards and Leopold, you can consistently activate the devastating Scorched Perk, effortlessly obliterating enemy groups.

Skull And Bones: A Brief Introduction To The Ultimate Sambuk Ship Endgame Build

This vessel shines in combating rogue ships and excels in plunder events, showcasing remarkable prowess even in PvP combat. Let’s dive into the build mechanics and explore its functionality, followed by optimal utilization techniques.

How It Works

This Sambuk Ship Endgame build is all based around the Sambuk Scorched Perk ability and trying to trigger it as quickly as possible. To trigger the perk, we need to put the Ablaze effect on the enemy ship. Then that ship will receive an extra 5,000 damage, which is that big fire explosion. The Ablaze effect will also be applied to all enemy ships within 150 meters of the original burning ship. And to top it all off, all enemies with the Ablaze effect will receive an extra 50% damage.

Weapons & Armor

The ship weapons that I used to quickly build that Ablaze effect are Fire Bombard III on all sides, front and back, with a Leopold III in the auxiliary position. After testing a lot of different endgame weapons, and the Fire Bombards work the best. The aiming can be a little hard to get used to, but once you practice them, you’ll be able to hit enemy ships from a long way away.

Skull And Bones Fire Bombards III

Put the Fire Bombards on all 4 sides of the ship so you can fire constantly to build your Ablaze effect quicker. When firing, switch from the broadside to the front or the rear weapons while the other reloads. This will allow constant bombardments for a devastating effect.

When it comes to the armor, I use the Black Prince because it’s the best one I have. However, if you have the Royal Custodian, this build will perform even better.


The furniture pieces are where you can really increase your Ablaze and overall damage. Firstly, I’ve set the ship up as a long-distance Ablaze ship so that we survive much longer and have massive DPS.

The major furniture piece I chose is the Scoping Station because hitting a target more than 320 meters away marks them, meaning their weak spots take 100% more damage. This works great because the range of Leopold 3 is about 600 meters. So, I always open with a long-range Leopold shot to trigger the 100% extra weak spot damage and the Leopold’s high base damage.

Next is the Gunpowder Bench I, which increases all damage to enemy ships with the Ablaze effect. Every enemy we fight will be suffering from the Ablaze effect, so it’s a great damage multiplier on an already high DPS build.

Skull And Bones Gunpowder Bench I

In the third furniture slot is the Bombard Works, which increase the elemental damage multiplier of our bombards by 19%, so our bombards get even more flame damage, and that’s why the Ablaze effect starts to build so quickly.

For the fourth slot, I recommend to use Volatile Fuel, which increases the charge rate of the Ablaze effect on enemy ships by another 10%. So, you can see why this build just starts getting even crazier.

For our final slot, I used the Sticky Fuel Station, which increases the duration of the Ablaze effect on enemy ships by 10%, which obviously works great for our build.

You will see how these furniture pieces stack well together to give us some high amounts of damage. It is a great build for taking out swarms of enemy ships, as the Ablaze effect can spread from ship to ship. Then the Skull and Bones endgame ship build is complete.


Now I’ll show you the best way to use it. For maximum damage, always start with a long-range Leopold III shot. This will trigger us to deal bonus damage to weak parts. Then get as many Fire Bombard shots on target as possible. You’ll start to get the idea of where to aim for distances and how to increase your accuracy, but no matter what, the Fire Bombards are always the most important.

The target in the best spot is the hull, as the sails aren’t the greatest to hit. You'll light them up in no time. It is a lot of fun and very satisfying to pull off in combat. There’s nothing better than watching the fireballs consume your enemy ships.


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