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Skull And Bones: Explore The Blueprints & Crafting Requirements Of All 10 Ships

Posted: Feb 27, 2024

If you are a pirate, you'll need courage, intelligence, and a good ship. When you are in Skull and Bones, you can have multiple ships available to match your playstyle. There are multiple options and you'll need to collect blueprints and craft ship materials, which can be overwhelming and tedious deciding where to start. Find out where to locate ship blueprints and explore the capabilities of each ship as you progress through the game. There are currently 10 ships in Skull and Bones, so let’s take a look!

Skull And Bones: Explore The Blueprints & Crafting Requirements Of All 10 Ships

1. Dhow

Upon starting the game, you are initially provided with a Dhow to familiarize yourself with sailing. The Dhow is a basic Level 1 ship without weapon slots or the option to equip furniture. Although it's given to you for free during the tutorial, it remains useful in later stages, particularly when navigating narrow passages inaccessible to larger ships. Its smaller size enables access to materials and locations that might be overlooked by larger ships. This versatility allows you to switch between ships effortlessly, enabling quests for resources like ore, trees, or even fruit.

2. Rammer

The following ship is the Rammer, classified under the Bedar class and starting as a basic Level 1 ship. This level can be changed by adding weapons, furniture, or armor to it, which will also give you a much-needed boost for defense and offense.

The blueprint for this ship is extremely easy to obtain, as it comes from the shipwright in Sainte Anne for 660 Silver. Once you have gotten the blueprint, you will be able to task the shipwright with crafting the ship for you for a fee, and then begin using it on the high seas.

Skull And Bones Rammer

This is a DPS ship that is catered more towards those who are not afraid of smashing into oncoming enemies at ramming speeds, as the Lancer perk for this ship offers 25% increased damage from ramming and reduces the slowing effect on torn sails by 50%.

3. Defender

This tanky ship is perfect for those who like to live on the front lines and take all the damage to save party members from the deep sea. The Defender is in the Hulk class, and it is capable of withstanding massive amounts of damage in order to mitigate as much as possible. Bracing is already a huge part of survival in Skull and Bones, as it can become the difference between getting blasted to pieces and being able to take on some crazy cannonballs without taking any damage whatsoever.

The Defender is one of the best ships for bracing and negating incoming fire, and the Ironclad perk reduces brace strength depletion by 20% when you get struck by the opposition, with a base level of 2 and starting at a whopping 30,000. This ship is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to be able to sustain a boatload of incoming attacks without having to use a repair kit on cooldown.

4. Sentinel

If you like being able to heal any incoming damage without the need for a repair kit while fighting off hordes of angry pirate thieves, the Sentinel with the Cutter class is the one for you. With a base level of 2 and a Unburden perk that is easily one of the best in the game as it restores severe damage by 5% and whole health by 0.5% per second in or out of combat, this small ship packs a mighty punch.

Skull And Bones Sentinel

Equipping furniture that helps boost damage and healing from specific weapons can be the best build for this one, as it will allow you to heal not only yourself but others as well. The Sentinel blueprint can be found in Lenitra, which is an outpost to the northeast of Sainte Anne and will cost a pretty penny of 1,080 Silver. You will also need to be Rover 1 Infamy level in order to acquire this blueprint.

5. Firebrand

The Barge class Firebrand starts with a base level of 3 and would be considered a DPS type ship, as it's made for those who use fire weapons aboard their ship. The Wildfire perk will allow you to apply the Ablaze effect to nearby ships up to 125 meters of the initial one hit with the effect and increase the damage of Ablaze by 20%. Burning damage will increase the Ablaze charge speed by 150%, meaning you will want to use fire-enhanced weaponry like the Fire Bombard in order to continuously throw out massive amounts of fire damage for those who oppose you.

The Firebrand blueprint can be found within the Kaa Mangrove Outpost on the coast of Africa to the west of Sainte Anne and will cost you 4,950 Silver to purchase. Keep in mind you will need to reach Infamy rank Buccaneer before you'll be able to purchase this blueprint.

6. Blaster

The Blaster ship with Sloop class is made for DPS and those who literally want to blast their enemies into oblivion. As the Outburst perk makes explosive hits have a 50% chance to trigger an explosion that will deal 1,500 damage to anyone within a 150-meter radius, it also does increased damage to structures and increases any explosive damage done by 15%.

Skull And BonesBlaster

This ship is made to plunder the outposts and small settlements located around the map, as they will all have guard towers that will attempt to sink you during your voyage as you plunder them for all their worth. With a base level of 3, you can snag this blueprint from the Sunken Goldmine on the coast of Africa, which is also to the northwest of Sainte Anne, and you must be at least Buccaneer rank Infamy to purchase it for 4,950 Silver.

7. Bombardier

The Bombardier with Padewakang class is easily one of the best ships for not only carrying around massive amounts of loot and cargo but doing insane damage to enemies with the right equipment setup. This DPS type ship has the Detonate perk, which means that explosive hits have a 70% chance to trigger an explosion that does 3,000 damage to enemies within a 125-meter radius. This effect can be increased by 100% if the enemy is under the Ablaze effect from fire damage, and similarly to the Sloop, it has increased damage to structures and weapon damage radius.

This is one of the harder ships to acquire, as the blueprint is only available in Telok Penjarah, and it's only available from the shipwright, and it takes a massive amount of materials to craft. The materials are pretty hard to get if you are under level and if you are doing things solo, so you will need to defeat enemy ships to get the shellac and saltpeter in mass quantities.

Skull And Bones Bombardier

The amount of time it takes to sail and purchase this blueprint is absolutely worth it though, as it has a base level of 5 and some powerful perks. The blueprint runs for 5,280 Silver, and you must at least be a brigand in the infamy rank in order to grab it for yourself.

8. Vanguard

Next up, we have the Vanguard, also known as the Snow, and it's another tank type ship that is great at mitigating oncoming attacks, excelling in defense and brace recovery. This is another ship that is perfect for anyone who wants to be directly front and center during the heat of battle.

The Tenacity perk recovers 4% of brace strength per second while bracing, meaning you can withstand damage longer, and it increases brace strength by 50% and brace strength recovery by 150%. For just 10,560 Silver and the rank of Corsair, this massive damage shield can be yours for the taking by heading to the Khmoy Estate in the East Indies to the northwest of Telok Penjarah.

9. Hullbreaker

One of the best ships for doing straight damage to anyone who attempts to stand in your way is the Hullbreaker with the Brigantine class, which has the Bullhorn perk, which I think is one of the most fun ship. Ramming into other boats is sickly satisfying, and with this ship, you will do 45% increased damage from slamming into those who have the loot you want as your own.

Not only that, but the duration of the Torn Sails effect is reduced by 80% when the ship is in use, meaning less hoping for the best while you're stuck in one place and more smashing into everyone and everything along your path while absolutely mashing the opposition.

Skull And Bones Hullbreaker

You will also add the flooded effect to anyone you decide to ram into with the Hullbreaker, which slows them down and keeps them within your sights. This ship will cost 15,840 Silver to get the blueprint, which is at the Ruined Lighthouse in the East Indies to the south of Telok Penjarah, and you must be the rank of Cutthroat to use this battering ram of a ship.

10. Pyromanic

And lastly, we have the Pyromanic with Sambulk class, which could be the hardest ship to get as it is only purchasable with Pieces Of Eight. These Pieces Of Eight are only acquired through completing tasks by reaching endgame and taking over outposts. For a massive amount of 5,000 Pieces Of Eight, this ship can be purchased from the Black Market in Telok Penjarah or Sainte Anne, but it's mostly worth its weight in gold.

The Scorched perk deals 5,000 fire damage to anyone affected with the Ablaze effect, and Ablaze will then be applied to any ships within a 150-meter radius. It also increases Ablaze damage by 50%, which is perfect for anyone who favors the sea fire and placing enemies in direct contact of a blazing inferno with fire weapons. Even though this is one of the hardest ships to get your hands on, it is perfect for aggressive DPS who want to scorch their enemies in hellfire while they voyage around the 7 seas in search of loot and treasure.


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