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Skull And Bones: The Best Strategies You Need To Know Before Becoming The Most Infamous Pirates

Posted: Feb 27, 2024

Today, we’ll be diving into our comprehensive guide to Skull and Bones. Here, we’ll cover the basic strategies and techniques you need to know before jumping into the game to help you navigate the dangerous pirate waters. Let’s get started now!

Number 10: Maximize Infamy By Completing Multiple Tasks

In Skull and Bones, mastering Infamy system is crucial to your success. By defeating enemy ships and completing missions, you’ll earn valuable points to unlock additional gear, blueprints, ship types, and rare Skull and Bones Items.

Skull And Bones: 10 Tips You Need To Know Before Jumping Into The Game!

First, we have to complete the initial quest chain of Sainte-Anne, the main pirate hub, to get a handle on a few things. Then, focus on the main quests provided by John Scurlock and nearby side quests to quickly maximize your Infamy points.

Infamy Ranks in Skull and Bones serves as an upgrade system. You can progress in Infamy Ranks by completing almost all activities in the game, and larger tasks will also provide more Infamy points.

Skull and Bones Infamy Rank Explained

Number 9: Familiarize Yourself With Map Icons, Journals, And Tracking Resources

Before setting sail, be sure to check the world map (M key) to find points of interest and resources, and use the G key to keep track of missions and objectives. In addition, players can also use Knowledge panel (K key) to track the crafting materials needed for ships, weapons, etc.

Number 8: Discover Outposts To Unlock Fast Travel Points

Explore the world and find Outposts, which are fast travel points. Approaching them to “mark” the location can help you speed up the game later on.

Number 7: Accumulate Resources From Flora, Fauna, And Flotsam

Gather resources using specific tools crafted by Carpenter NPC in Sainte-Anne. Harvesting resources can involve mini-games, so you can target the “green zone” on the meter for extra yield.

Number 6: Check Items In Cargo Hold, Mailbox, And Warehouse

Manage your inventory efficiently by storing loot in designated areas. Store crafting materials in the warehouse, while ammo and mission items should be stored in your ship’s cargo bay. As your Infamy Ranks increase, check your mailbox for rewards.

Number 5: Use Map Clues To Find Buried Treasure

Use the treasure map to start a treasure hunt. Track your goals in your diary, follow clues to find treasure chests, and unearth treasures that will be a bonus for you when you’re close enough.

Number 4: Manage Your Ship Before Departure

Customize your ship with a variety of weapon and armor blueprints purchased from NPCs. Equip furniture to gain passive buffs and effects that enhance your ship’s performance.

Number 3: Master Ship Navigation And Manage Physical Exertion

Maintain the condition of your ship by repairing hull damage using repair kits. Manage stamina by adjusting sailing speed and utilizing consumables or furniture to increase your stamina.

Number 2: Use Spyglass To Display The Resources Of The Target Ship

Craft and use the telescope tool (R key) to inspect target ships before engaging in combat. Collect valuable information, such as faction affiliation, loot, and mission status.

Number 1: Looking For Dueling Factions

Keep an eye on the naval battles between factions. Join the fight and seize the opportunity to gain loot and supplies.

Those are the 10 tips you should know before jumping into Skull and Bones. We hope these strategies will enhance your gaming experience. Fair winds and following seas, fellow pirates!


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