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Skull And Bones: How To Find And Spend This Rare Endgame Currency? - Pieces Of Eight

Posted: Feb 26, 2024

Skull and Bones is an open-world action-adventure massively multiplayer online role-playing game launched by Ubisoft. Here, players will take on the role of the most notorious pirate lord on the high seas, constantly pursuing fame and fortune.

Typically, players will start as a low-level swashbuckler and advance through the ranks by completing daring feats with their crew and taking down cunning enemies in ship-to-ship combat.

Once their reputation increases, they will have access to new features, locations, and even more challenging missions, leading to better rewards. Pieces of Eight is the endgame currency that players can use after reaching a certain Infamy rank.

Here’s everything you need to know about Pieces of Eight in the game, including what they’re used for and where you can swap and use them.

Skull And Bones: How To Find And Spend This Rare Endgame Currency? - Pieces Of Eight

What Do Pieces Of Eight Do?

Pieces of Eight are another currency in Skull and Bones, much rarer than Skull and Bones Silver, but well worth the effort to obtain them.

Once players reach a certain level of Infamy, they will gain access to features such as Helm and Black Market, as well as new challenging missions. These missions grant players Pieces of Eight as rewards, which can be used to get rare Skull and Bones Items from Black Market.

How To Farm Pieces Of Eight?

To obtain Pieces of Eight, players will need to unlock Sainte-Anne’s Helm in Smuggler’s Hideout in Le Pont Muet. This Helm is an underground black market where you can get special orders from Order Registry and upon completion you will receive a certain number of Pieces of Eight.

Order Registry contracts usually include the delivery of certain goods, such as Rum and Opium, to the customer. Players need to accept orders and then ensure they carry the required goods in the ship’s cargo. Then set sail and deliver the goods to the designated buyer to receive your payment.

However, players cannot fast travel while actively tracking Order Registry missions through Helm. They need to sail directly to the buyer’s location to receive the reward.

While this is the most common way for players to obtain Pieces of Eight, there are some alternatives. It’s also possible that difficult world events will offer Pieces of Eight as rewards, and sometimes Ubisoft Connect rewards can offer them as well.

How to Get and Farm Pieces of Eight in Skull and Bones?

How To Unlock Helm?

The process of unlocking Helm is very simple and doesn’t take much time.

First, we need to go to Sainte-Anne and look for a local bar. Then find Yanita Nara and talk to her. We need to complete all the collection and delivery tasks she proposes until she mentions her sister, Houma Nara.

Then we headed to Telok Penjarah to talk to my sister. She will unlock Helm for you. Once you have gained access to Helm, you can interact with Order Registry to access contracts from any Helm location.

Skull and Bones: Helm's Black Market

How To Use Pieces Of Eight?

After completing a certain number of tasks and earning Pieces of Eight, you will enter Black Market. Two sisters, Yanita and Houma Nara, are in charge of Black Market. Therefore, all you need to do is talk to them in their respective Pirate Dens to obtain items from their shops.

Two sisters, Yanita and Houma Nara, both sell smuggled weapons for use by players and ships. Also, they have armor, rare resources, character cosmetics, ship cosmetics, furniture, and even some interesting blueprints for sale.

It is worth noting that some items sold by Yanita or Houma require you to reach a certain Infamy rank before you can purchase them.

Players can also use Pieces of Eight to purchase items at other merchants that accept the currency. Alternatively, players can customize their ship through Vanity Atelier or Ship Cosmetics section on the dock.

Regardless, getting a certain amount of Pieces of Eight currency will bring certain advantages to your adventure. Hopefully, this guide will help you find Pieces of Eight more smoothly and become the most notorious pirate lord on the high seas!


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