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Skull And Bones: How To Craft The Best Endgame Ship? - Brigantine Build Guide

Posted: Feb 23, 2024

In Skull and Bones, crafting the perfect ship build is crucial for the pirate bosses who rule the high seas. Brigantine is one of the best ships in Skull and Bones endgame, as long as you sail it with the right build. A defined build allows you to become the deadliest pirate out there and out-gun your opponents.

In this guide, we’ll share how to create the perfect endgame ship, a Brigantine build, to help you become the most feared pirate boss on the ocean!

Skull And Bones: How To Craft The Best Endgame Ship? - Brigantine Build Guide


Brigantine is a very maneuverable ship in Skull and Bones, as its extra features don’t require you to specifically tilt it. This Brigantine build focuses on Fire and Explosive damage from some weapons available in the game.

This build does not require spending Pieces of Eight to purchase any blueprints from Palka Buta or Le Pont Muet Manager. However, as you progress through the game’s endgame, you can improve this build by investing more Skull and Bones Silver in higher-level weapons.

Best Ship Loadout in Skull and Bones To Dominate the Sea

Weapons & Armor

Brigantine has four Broadside Cannons, making its primary weapons much more powerful than those on ships like Padewakang. Here are the weapons and armor we use in Brigantine build:

  • Bow: Long Gun V
  • Port: Fire Bombard II
  • Starboard: Fire Bombard II
  • Auxiliary: Leopold II Mortar
  • Stern: Long Gun V
  • Armor: Royal Custodian

For the bow weapon, I chose Long Gun V. It’s great to attack your opponent’s weak points from a distance when you initiate a fight and deal a ton of damage.

The broadside weapon in this build is Fire Bombard II, which deals high damage and applies Ablaze to enemies. If you’ve never used a Fire Bombard before, you’ll need to take the time to learn how to fire them. Trust me, it’s worth it.

For auxiliary weapons, there is only one high-damage option, and that is Leopold Mortar. On the other hand, stern slot is more flexible. Therefore, I used Long Gun V again to deal more damage to the enemy’s weak points. But actually here you are free to replace it with something else, like another set of bombards.

Finally, our armor choice in this Brigantine build is Royal Custodian. Until Ouroboros is officially available, this is the best armor you can get. And it’s also very easy to get, although it may require a bit of luck.

Skull And Bones: Brigantine Build Best Weapons


When crafting a Brigantine build in Skull and Bones, furniture should never be overlooked. In this case, however, the choice is quite flexible. This is the furniture we used in this Brigantine build:

  • Megaphone
  • Maintenance Forge I
  • Iron Cladding Station I
  • Bombard Works I
  • Mortar Works I

The choice of furniture is actually a combination of offense and defense. The major piece of furniture we chose in this build is Megaphone, which increases your reload time. Fire Bombards reload slower than weapons like Culverin. So as long as you hit the target, this furniture will make them speed up.

Maintenance Forge is more of a comfort piece of furniture, as it slowly recovers from severe damage when out of combat. Of course, you can also swap it out for something more offensive, like a Gunpowder Bench, to increase damage to ships with Ablaze effect caused by Fire Bombards. The choice is yours.

Brigantine’s perk increases its impact damage, while Iron Cladding Station further increases it by 25%. If you’re not very good at rammer, feel free to replace this slot with something else.

The last two pieces of furniture are focused on increasing the damage output of Brigantine build. Bombard Works are a must because in this case Fire Bombards are our major weapons and Mortar Works can further enhance Leopold’s power.

Skull And Bones: Brigantine build Furniture

That’s our complete guide to creating a Brigantine build in Skull and Bones. A well-equipped ship will take you further and become the most notorious pirate leader!


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