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New World: Where To Find Petalcaps?

Posted: Jul 26, 2021

Although New World has not been officially released, the closed beta has already started, and many players have already experienced it in advance.

In New World, acquiring resources for crafting weapons and other items is an important part of the game, but figuring out how to find specific materials can seem like a daunting task, especially when you don’t know where to find them. Some items are dropped from sources that only spawn in specific locations. One of them is Petalcap.

Petalcap is a tier II earth and protective agent that can be collected from specific fungi found all over the game world.

Specifically, you will find Petalcap by collecting the appropriately-named "Fronded Petalcap" node, which appears anywhere in the territory of Windsward.

Fronded Petalcap will stand out because of its bright green and bulbous appearance. It will also have a dark green stem growing out of the top of it with sparkling light green tips.

Collecting Petalcaps does not require any level of harvesting skills, but you need a sickle. Before heading off to farm Petalcaps, make sure to bring one with you.

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