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New World: How To Choose and Buy A House?

Posted: Aug 24, 2021

Owning a residence is an important part of any MMORPG experience. New World provides players with a very powerful housing system, through this system, every player can find and buy a satisfactory house.

Owning a house allows you to travel quickly. Aeternum having some points on the map that you can teleport to is the key to effectively completing the quest. The house also has space for Storage Chests, which increases the settlement of your resource storage capacity and gives you access to the local Bank.

There are also Trophies: permanent stat buffs, no matter whether your character exists in the world or not. The only way to collect trophies is to buy a house.

How to choose and buy a house?

When choosing a house, you need to consider two things: Where do you want your house to be built? How much benefit do you need from it? Choose a place in Aeternum that you will go to frequently. As you approach each house, you can see the price and tax cost. In addition to the price tag, most houses require you to have a specific Territory Standing before you can buy. But note that you cannot own more than 3 houses in New World.

In New World, the house has many tiers, and the perks are getting better and better. The more expensive the house, the faster its fast travel cooldown. Higher-level houses also have more slots for Trophy. In addition to the upfront price of the house, you also need to pay taxes regularly to continue using the fast travel and Trophy features. So if you want to own a house, it will be necessary to prepare enough New World Coins.

After you buy a house, you need to consider decorating. There are different amounts and types of furniture, pets, and items you can put in the house. Once you have decorated the house, you can invite up to 5 other players to your house for a party.

In any MMORPG, New World Coins will be able to play a big role. With the release date of New World approaching, you can make some preparations now. Once New World is officially released, you can come to IGGM to buy the New World Coins you need.


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