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New World: How To Quickly Farm PVP XP For Any Faction In Season 3?

Posted: Nov 10, 2023

In this guide, I want to introduce you how to quickly and easily farm PVP Exp for any faction in New World Season 3.

New World: How To Quickly Farm PVP XP For Any Faction In Season 3?

Quest Location

To get started, we will go to Great Cleave, the Eastern outpost called Warden’s Rise. There, you visit your faction NPC and pick up all the quests it offers to you.

The PVP Missions

There are always the same three PVP missions:

  • Enemy Intelligence, where you have to loot 5 chests
  • Sanctify, where you need to hold a certain area for 1 minute and 30 seconds
  • Preserve, where you need to pick up an asset and drop it on a certain location

The area you need to be in for 1 and a half minutes is called The Bite. It is a larger area, which also covers most of the other two quest locations.

You can find the 5 chests for Enemy Intelligence in an area north of The Bite. It’s called Mokosh Springs.

So far, all the quests have been the same for all the 3 factions, but this will change with Preserve.

The location for picking up the asset and dropping the asset is different for every faction. I mark the 3 locations on the map for you and also added a note if it is the pickup or the drop location.

New World The PVP Missions

Because of the different pickup and drop locations, you have different routes for each faction.

New World different routes for each faction

Tip 1: Azoth Salt Management

Let’s start with the first tip, Azoth Salt Management.

Since every PVP artifact has a price of 50,000 Azoth Salt, this is the minimum you always want to have. With a cap of 100,000 points at Azoth Salt. And as running PVP missions constantly, it is unavoidable to get close to the maximum. This means from time to time, unfortunately, we need to spend our Azoth Salt.

The way of saving Azoth Salt is called Vial of Azoth Salt. Those vials you will receive as a reward for completing your PVP reward tracks or sometimes also from the Season Pass. You can use those vials after you bought an artifact, and another one is showing up shortly after this and you haven’t reached the 50,000 Azoth Salt yet.

Tip 2: The 3rd Checkpoint

My next tip is about the third checkpoint and everything you need to know about it.

The third checkpoint has some exclusive loot options. Those are the artifacts and emotes. This means the artifact you’re farming shares the spot with other artifacts and emotes.

To increase your chance to get the artifacts you want, you can eliminate those you don’t want to have. This also prevents you from reaching the Azoth Salt camp.

But you don’t need to use your New World Coins to buy the artifact and the emotes. They will show up again if you don’t want to buy them or you can’t afford them yet.

Tip 3: Time Management

The last tip I have for you is about time management and the maximum of efficiency.

Let’s talk about the most important tip I have for you. You need to know that our faction NPC offers us new missions every 5 minutes. So, 5 minutes is our time.

After you picked up the 3 PVP missions, you really need to wait 5 minutes before you talk to the faction NPC again. Otherwise, you will only receive 2 PVP faction missions. This means, when you’re too early, you need to run your 2 missions, come back after 5 minutes, then you can turn in 2 missions and accept 3 quests again.

Another important thing to know is that every PVP mission in New World gives you always 350 PVP experience. This means our 3 PVP missions give us 1050 PVP experience in total and this makes it the fastest way to farm PVP experience in New World Season 3.

Usually, you need like 4 minutes to fulfill all 3 PVP missions. This means, you have 1 minute to go with other stuff like farming until you can talk to your faction NPC again. Since there’s only 1 minute to spare, people usually don’t fight and just run their PVP missions.


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