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New World: 3 Best Iron Ore Farming Spots In Season 3

Posted: Nov 13, 2023

Hail Fellow Warriors! Here, we will dive into the core material for the creation of your arsenal in New World Season 3.

Iron Ore has plenty of good locations to farm. I will tell you 3 of my favorite ones. If you have enough Iron Ore, you can also sell them to earn a lot of New World Coins.

Before every gathering run, make sure that you will be properly prepared. Try to have as much gathering yield to make your farm as efficient as possible.

New World: 3 Best Iron Ore Farming Spots In Season 3

1. Path From Windsward To Everfall

The first part of the gathering path takes us from Windsward’s settlement to Everfall, following the hilly parts of these two zones.

New World Path From Windsward To Everfall

We start our run in Windsward where we head Northeast and we start mining all the Iron Veins near the rocks. 

We also pass the Spirit Shrine and a little ancient building. When we mine all the veins near the Abandoned Village, we head to a hill up north. We try to move zigzag along the hill, trying to get as many Iron Veins as possible.

There will also reside a lot of pumas and deer if you’re interested in Rawhide as well. You can keep walking along the brown-colored areas of the map until you reach. And with that, finish your first part of the run.

2. Path From Everfall To Monarch’s Bluffs

The second part of the path takes us from Everfall to Monarch’s Bluffs.

New World Path From Everfall To Monarch's Bluffs

We make a big loop around the landscape of Everfall and we make a big climb towards Monarch’s Bluffs area. You start this part in Everfall and make your way towards Wolf Den.

After all the veins have been mined there, you move forward, trying to collect all the veins along the rocky edge. You will have to climb up behind vagrants fort to get up to the rocky bridge.

After that, you can follow down to the area of Monarch’s Bluffs. Here, you simply cover all of the hilly sides of the wonderful zone until you reach your destination.

If you do not have your bags full already, you can put them inside your storage shed and continue the run in part three.

3. Path To South Of Monarch’s Bluffs

The third Gathering route is in the southern parts of Monarch’s Bluffs, taking us South towards the untamed lands of Elysian Wilds.

New World Path To South Of Monarch's Bluffs

You start your run at the settlement where you head down towards the first row of Iron Veins. You will be above the Wolf Den. 

When that is cleared, you will move to the lower lands of this zone, getting all the veins there and then going back up the area until making a little circle around the mountain.

After all that is cleared, you continue following the path on the hill until you reach the end of the run at the shrine. With that, your gathering run ends and you can teleport back to your home to enjoy your spoils of the run. You can refine them or sell them. It’s your choice!


These were some of my favorite iron gathering routes. 

If you feel like you need a very long gathering run, you can connect all of them by simply dropping all the raw Iron Ore in the settlement and then continuing the run.


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