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New World: Changes And Adjustments To The Gem System In Season 4

Posted: Nov 14, 2023

Posted: Nov 14, 2023

Source:  IGGM

As New World Season 4 approaches, major changes to the gem system bring new life to these precious items.

As you may have learned, there have been some tweaks and changes to the gem system in New World Season 4. Gem conversions have been changed to 50/50 across the board, and the stat scaling of gems has also transformed. This opens up more possibilities for building diversity.

This guide succinctly breaks down what the gem changes are in PTR patch notes, provides tested examples, and clears up any confusion.

New World: Gem Changes Explained!

Runeglass Gems Changes

Before we dive into the intricacies of gem conversions, let’s first take a look at the subtle changes to each Runeglass Gem in the new season. The developers have made some changes to all related running Runeglass Gems. Their values should match the values of the fourth-level version of each version.

Brash and Onyx gems reduce health requirements from 100% to 70% and reduce effects from 15%-30% to 9%-18%.

Because Opportunist or Emerald gem will run longer, they increase the target health requirement from under 30% to under 50%. They reduced its impact from 15%-30% to 7%-16%. Because it will have longer uptime and also add a 1%-5% healing bonus to targets below 50% of health.

So I think their overall goal is just to get people to use more gems than they actually use. Currently, only a few gems are fully utilized in the game, which is a great waste of New World Coins invested. So I think that’s what these changes are trying to address.

For Moonstone, they redesigned the bonus damage when all abilities are on cooldown and updated the value to 11%-20%.

Then they updated Jasper’s functionality. After being blocked or attacked, increases the duration to 5 seconds, allows it to stack up to 3 times, and reduces the individual stack value from 6%-20% to 3%-8%.

They’ve added a new feature to Carnelian that increases the damage dealt to taunted enemies by 0.5% to 2% per slot of gems.

Finally, they updated scaling off FOC for Sapphire.

New World: Weapons and Armor Gem Perks Guide

Core Changes

All conversion gems always convert 50% of weapon damage into the relevant element, regardless of their level. The gem adjusts all weapon damage attributes to Intelligence or Focus if these attributes are higher than the base weapon attributes.

It is important to note that these gems do not double scale. If the gem has a higher replacement stat, it will override the base weapon scaling.

New World Season 4: Runeglass Gems Changes Are Crazy


To account for these changes, we tested this using Great Axe.

First, we can see that Great Axe deals 225 initial strength, 248 light attack damage, and 3,399 heavy attack damage. After switching to Intelligence and plugging in Ruby gem, the light attack damage becomes 8,861, which is a 90% reduction in Intelligence.

Overall, the damage output is 92.86% of the original, a slight loss, but the advantage of scaling intelligence is still maintained.

We also conducted similar experiments with Focus and Amethyst. The result is an impressive 80% conversion rate and 79.3% combined damage output. This opens the door to innovative configurations, such as pairing a Battle Axe with a Vitality-filled Staff for a multi-faceted gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

After experimentation, we found that Runeglass and Ruby Gem have a 99.71% initial glow attack impact retention rate. Known for its added damage-over-time effect, Runeglass Gem reveals fascinating prospects for unique configurations. They provide a balance between lasting impact and adaptability.

Season 4’s gem tweaks invite players into areas of experimentation, encouraging different combinations and play styles. Uncover the secrets of scaling and align with preferred attributes to achieve mastery. Note that these changes are in PTR, which means they may develop further before Season 4 officially launches.


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