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New World: The 8 New Artifacts In Season 4 Revealed! - Preview & Speculate

Posted: Nov 09, 2023

New World Season 4 is coming, and with it comes the exciting addition of 8 new artifacts. Four artifacts have been revealed and we will provide insights into their applications. While the other four remain a mystery, we can speculate on what they might offer.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of these artifacts, discussing their potential and the impact they can have on your gaming experience.

New World: The 8 New Artifacts In Season 4 Revealed! - Preview & Speculate


Let’s start with Boltcaster, an artifact that is sure to interest bow users. This artifact converts 99% of your damage into lightning damage, while providing a 20% damage boost to both of your weapons.

What’s more interesting is that this artifact allows you to stun your opponent with maximum health when hit. This can cause a devastating burst of damage to an unsuspecting enemy.

However, it’s worth noting choosing the lightning damage route may leave your bow vulnerable to Elemental Aversion debuff. Also, Bow and Rapier Build has the exciting potential of combining lightning damage for some effective attacks. If you are a bow user, then this Artifact is definitely worth paying attention to.

Boltcaster brings a huge damage boost to an already powerful weapon. Bow users with precise aim can rely on it to inflict significant damage to enemies and farm New World Coins quickly.

But my concern is that the potentially high damage could make game balancing difficult. Because the player has little room to fight back after being knocked unconscious. Players may become frustrated when they are stunned and unable to react.

New World Season 4: New Artifacts Are Coming!


Vengeance is a Life Staff Artifact that is an amazing addition for healers. When you successfully heal someone, it increased your damage to the enemy by 1% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 20 times.

This means that if you’re an active healer, you can quickly rack up significant damage bonuses. But the problem is that this artifact may not appeal to every healer due to its excessive focus on damage output.

But its possible Vengeance has additional unique advantages that make it more attractive, similar to Abyss. Regardless, this Artifact will have a big impact on players’ gameplay.

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Gladiator is a Round Shield with unique abilities. When a melee opponent hits you, it causes bleed, providing an interesting twist to combat. Of course, its perks make this shield even more enticing, including Diminishing Shield Bash and Fortifying Shield Rush.

We should note that blood effect of this artifact is only effective on melee attacks and has no effect on ranged attackers. This narrows its usefulness, especially in games with various weapons and play style combinations.

In solo PVE, the blood effect might have some utility, but it’s not a game changer. In group PVE, you won’t get hit in the melee very often, so this perk becomes effectively useless. This also implies that Gladiator is primarily designed for PVP.

However, we don’t currently know if the blood effect applies when you block an attack or only when you take damage. This difference may significantly affect the practicality of this Round Shield. While its blocking ability may not be as good as other shield options, it still offers more protection than most weapons.

New World Season 4: Artifacts Preview & Speculate

Quickdraw Gloves

Quickdraw Gloves are new light armor gloves that provide a brief half-second of immunity from damage when you swap weapons and have a 12-second cooldown. While the short duration and cooldown may affect the gameplay experience, the potential to eliminate damage is a game changer.

Defensive light builds are already strong, and with Quickdraw Gloves, players can further enhance their survivability. This change has the potential to make them dominant in PVP.

We should note that timing is crucial to this artifact. Because a well-executed exchange can protect you from devastating attacks. If players can master the timing of this artifact, it has the potential to be a game-changing addition to your kit. It’s a high-risk, high-reward choice that can either save your life or leave you vulnerable.

New World: My Concerns With The Season 4 Artifacts

Conjectures About Other Artifacts

While we haven’t yet seen all the stats and details for the remaining four Artifacts, per the developer update, we know there will be two Boot Artifacts, one Leg Artifact, and one Ice Gauntlet Artifact. The possibilities are interesting, and we look forward to seeing how these artifacts will affect the game.

With New World Season 4 about to be released, the introduction of 8 new Artifacts promises to bring exciting changes to the game. From Boltcaster to the unique abilities of Quickdraw Gloves, players have a lot to look forward to.


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