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Diablo II Resurrected Ladder: What's My Plan For Season 3?

Posted: Feb 18, 2023

I haven't played D2R in a few months, but I'm excited to play season three on February 16th. For the past couple of weeks, I've been thinking about what I want to achieve this season. So, below I'll expain what my plan is.

Back in D2R Ladder Season 1, I decided to start with a Frenzy Barbarian, which I eventually respect to Berserk Find item, Horker Barb. This is the best build for triathlon thing I've ever played. I did over a thousand travels by the end of the season and some of my best items included a perfect marriage, a Jawbone Visor, a Baron and a imposter Jmod. I was also able to gamble over 1 000 circlets, one of which turned out to be ridiculously good .

Necro Coronet, which I was able to trade it for multiple BER Runes. However, before I eventually traded, I made a Corpse Explosion ( a Necromancer skill), which is great for farming Runewords. Finally, I capped off season one.

D2R Sunder Charms

D2R Ladder Season 2 introduced Sunder Charms, so I decided to go back to my roots and make a Frozen Orb Sorceress again. It was very forming different areas. And the Terror Zones added a nice break from the hundreds of Mephisto runs I was doing. So many people made Blizzard Sorceress, which drove the prices of Cold Sorceress up. And I think actually for the first time in Diablo 2 history, Paladin Combat and Lightning Skillers are actually cheaper than Cold Skillers because of this change.

However, in D2R Ladder Season 3, Cold Mastery is now applied at one-fifth of the effectiveness after immunity is broken, so the price is probably going to come back to kind of what they were. And I think Sunder Charms are actually going to be a little bit more because there was some drop glitch where everyone was.

I don't exactly know how it was happening, but there was more in the economy than there should have been. Even so, I will be attempting to make a Lightning Sorceress in D2R Ladder Season 3. All 20 years of playing Diablo, I've actually never made a lightning source as Frozen Orb was usually in my my go-to.

I think this is just because the lightning gear was so much more expensive and I never played enough to actually get it before the end of the season. But that's the plan this time. So, before I play on the 16th, I'm gonna clear out all my mules to start. I usually like to accumulate D2R Ladder Items, unique gems and then trade them in bulk to improve my gear. So, I'll probably delete those and then create new ones for season two or for season three.

Once season three arrives, I'll play solo as usual and make my way to Hell, putting all points into lightning and its synergies. And I also put one point into static for the bosses and teleport of course. However, I'm not going to get Energy Shield and just make a Pure Life build instead, so resistance has become that much more important.

D2R Spirit Runewords

Once I reach Hell, I will farm campus to try and get my Spirit Runewords for the plus skills in Fcr, which is kind of difficult on the Frozen Orb Sorceress because I believe she's cold immune. This should be more fun.

And then, I'll trade any extra D2R Ladder Runes for a Spirit Packs and Key of Terror in hopes of trading up for maybe a Skin of the Vipermagi. If I don't find one or eventually Shako and things like that, I could also do Arcane Summoner runs, which would be really fun. I will kill all the Specters on my way, which actually have a higher potential D2R Ladder Runes drop chance. This was viable with my Cold Sorceress but the way lightning is cast in a straight line, it fits perfectly with the Arcane Sanctuary map layout and then depending on my lock.

I'll continue trading any runes and high value items. I don't need to eventually get hot endgame gear, such as Torch, Anni and a Griffon's Eye. As I mentioned, I never had enough high end gear like a Griffon's Eye before, so this should be a good challenge for me for this season and that's basically how I want to plan out my my D2R Ladder season 3 to start.


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