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Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season Three - 6 Tips

Posted: Feb 17, 2023

Tip 1: Getting Items

To get common items from NPCs, you can use D2R Ladder Runes to get two sock helmets and armor from Charcy, two sock staffs from Acara, and three sock shields from Farahim.

D2R Ladder Season 3 Rookier Tips get items

In Act 2, these bases will be used for starter Rune Words, which I will go over later in the video,and once you're stuck in a Nightmare, you can get Geed and Charcyin. Act 1 for some resistance gear prioritize Lightning Fire and Cold.

Nightmare Dragon in Act 2 sells Teleport Staffs Life Tap Wands and Lower Res Wands. I highly recommend getting a Teleport Staff, unless you're a Sorceress of course getting a Life Tap one is a necessity.

If you're planning on doing Ubers early on and Lower Res Wands one is great for any Elemental build, it's pretty popular for Assassins after you. Save anything in hell you can get magic find Boots and Gloves, 320 Bow Gloves, 320 Javazon Gloves and 320 Martial Arts Gloves.

Tip 2: Rune Words

Early to mid game Rune Words. These are basically your best friend at the start of any Ladder and should be easy enough to get. You'll want to target Farm the count to for Rune Words and normal Nightmare on players one difficulty. It's fairly easy.

D2R Ladder Season 3 Rookier Tips Rune Words

I'd suggests Farming Normal Counts as for a Stealth Armor Leaf is also a splendid choice for any Fire Build. Preferably Firework Fire Druid or even a Fire Trap Assassins. If you're a Melee character, using Steel or Malice are great options until you find something better.

A lot of players in normal like to Farm Countess from Level 6 to 15, or until they find all Rune Words that they're looking for, you'll receive Brow or Tal after you save Barbs.

In Act 5, make Rune Words agents pledge a good level to Farm Nightmare Count. This is Level 26, and you can stay here until around Level 45 if you desire. I'd suggest making more for all Caster. Of course you can collect Rune Words for a Spirit Sword and Shield.

Season 3 Helmet Rune Words to cover specific resistances if you find a Co-roon you could also make hustle in a Weapon or an Armor Rhymes and Smoke Area.

Tip 3: Leveling

So great options tip number three leveling for most players.

Getting power leveled and Hell chaos with your Grush characters won't be an option, so let's just talk about basic leveling for online play. After you save Deckard Kane, you should be around Level 6 and not start making public Tristram runs.

D2R Ladder Season 3 Rookier Tips Leveling Up

An example of this would create Tristram-1 kill Rockinichu as a party of a enter Tristram and kill all Elite Packs rinse and repeat until level.

From Level 15 to 20, you can run Rush at Tomb runs in Act 2, which basically clears everything except for the main Tomb, where Beetle tombs are the best rinse and repeat. You need to be level 20 in Act 4, which will give you Level 21 after completing kill normal Bale, and then do Public Bull games.

From Level 21 to 25, make sure you pick up a Plain White Crystal Sword or Broad Sword and put it in your stash. Using your Socket quests on this will give you four Sockets as long as you found it in Cal Level, this will be very useful.

When you find Runes to make your first Spirit Sword from Level 25 to 40, I'd suggest doing public normal Bell Runs. Hopefully, you have a Telework. You can only use Nightmare Ancients Zoom if you reach level 40, and it can only use Nightmare Bell between levels 41 and 70.

Being Level 70 can really set you up for a smooth ride through hell difficulty.

Tip 4: Character's Strengths

If you're pushing to Level 99, player 8 Chaos Bale and Terror Zone Runs would be the way to go tip number four efficiency. You should play to your character's strengths.

For example, if you started a Lightning Fury Javazon and your plan was to Farm Hell Mephisto with her that's a poor plan, maybe Blizzard Sorceress is the character for you.

D2R Ladder Season 3 Rookier Tips Character's Strengths

Instead, she has crazy fast Mobility from Teleport and she can mote trick Mephisto safely as shown on screen instead of taking the Javasan into Hell Cows. She absolutely shreds in high-density areas. Hell Cows are one of the best areas to Target Farm High rooms.

If you get bored in Cows, you could also target Farm Elder Shank and Pendle their super unique items that are fairly easy to get to without Teleport, and if you have a fair enough of Magic Vine, they can be rewarding comment on.

Below with your character build, and I'll be glad to give you some suggestions on where you should Farm if you ever struggle in Hell difficulty.

I'd suggests going back into Nightmare and start Farming Nightmare Cows, it's a great place to start Farming Skiller Sand. You could find a lot of small Charms, large Charms, or grand Charms that will cover much needed resistance for Hell.

Tip 5: Trading

Trading can be extremely time consuming in Diablo 2 unless you use outside trading platform. Trust me joining random trade games to scavenge through everyone's junk isn't the way an alternative would create a public game while you enjoy fun.

D2R Ladder Season 3 Rookier Tips Trading

For example, Vex Rune 4 Shaco-1 this weight can be more efficient with trades while you Farm, and if no one ever shows up, who knows maybe you'll get lucky enough to find the item that your want.

Tip 6: Armor Scam

Unfortunately, there's a scam in every game, and Diablo 2 is no different.

Let's say a player joins your Vex for Shaco game and wants to trade, or does he he puts a Shaco in the trading window for your VexRune and accepts the trade, but he intentionally doesn't have room in his inventory for the trade to go through.

D2R Ladder Season 3 Rookier Tips Armor Scam

He says something like "oops, sorry, let me go make room", while he runs to his stash well, he's probably doing Old Switcher and that Shaco is now a Green Cap with just an Emerald in it.This is also a popular scam with Taurash's Armor.

Can you spot the difference well? One is indeed Tal Rasha's Armor, but the other is just a Rattle Cage. Make sure you always double check the items before you turn that check mark green.

Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season Three is just around the corner. This RPG game loved by players has also made some changes in this new season, introducing new Rune Words and more D2R Ladder Items, so that you can reach Level 99 faster and increase your gaming experience. You can come prepared, learn about the beginner's guide, and join on time.


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