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Monster Hunter Rise Demo Will Return With Magnamalo Quest

Posted: Mar 10, 2021

The demo of Monster Hunter Rise will come back soon, and will also bring a new quest that features Magnamalo. There is less than a month before the release, this demo will bring you another game experience.

The demo of Monster Hunter Rise was released in early January. It allows you to directly test some of the main game mechanics, such as wirebug, palamutes and wyvern riding. The demo is initially only available for a limited time in February. After the demon’s closure, the data showed that the most commonly used weapon by players is the Long Sword, followed by the Great Sword and Hunting Horn.

The demo will return to the eShop on March 11. Version 2 will introduce a new quest - hunting Magnamalo. And compared to the other two quests, this quest is more difficult.

Those players who have downloaded the demo will be able to update to version 2 on March 11, and their quest attempts will also be reset.

The demo will also give you the chance to test every weapon in the game. Wirebug gives Monster Hunter Rise a new twist in the battle of the game. You can zip over monsters and use a special attack “silkbind attacks” to attack their prey. When executed enough times, these attacks allow the hunter to mount monsters and control them briefly, and then you can use them to deal with other monsters on the field or be launched to the wall to deal a lot of damage.

Monster Hunter Rise will have more silkbind attacks and swappable attacks called switch skills, which will be obtained through the game.

The customization of Monster Hunter Rise is unprecedented in this series. Although your equipment and silkbind attacks will be repaired in the demo, it will be a huge challenge to defeat Magnamalo with the tools. After Monster Hunter Rise is released on March 26, you will be able to experience full customization.

As for the weapons or other items needed in the game, you can come to IGGM to buy. Because IGGM will launch Monster Hunter Rise-related items in time.


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