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Lords Of The Fallen: The 5 Best Throwable Items For Throwing Builds In PVE & PVP!

Posted: Nov 03, 2023

Close combat in Lords of the Fallen is extremely dangerous. It’s especially easy to get surrounded by enemies in Umbral, and the situation isn’t much better in Axiom.

When melee weapons like Swords and Hammers are so dangerous in Soulslike, many people will turn to ranged options. Bows, Crossbows, and Spells can all help you stay safe at a distance. But they’re not the only options.

Even if your character already uses a ranged weapon or spell, throwables can expand their tactical arsenal with different effects. From healing yourself to bashing your enemies over the head, you can’t go wrong with these. So, here I will introduce the 5 best throwables in Lords of The Fallen.

Lords of The Fallen: The 5 Best Throwable Items For Throwing Builds In PVE & PVP!

Bloody Hatchet & Lump Hammer

Of course, we all know that Bloody Hatchet and Lump Hammer are powerful, and they are easily the two strongest throwables in the game. But I need to make sure I don’t show something that you obviously don’t already have. So I wouldn’t include these two in my top five list. Let’s not waste any time and get started.

5. Enhanced Accusing Spirit

The fifth is Enhanced Accusing Spirit. Enemies hit by Enhanced Accusing Spirit will have their damage debuffed. They also take more damage from your attacks.

Best of all, we can transfer this effect to another enemy as long as the curse remains in effect. So stacking buffs, debuffs, and special effects into a single throw is great.

The requirements to use Enhanced Accusing Spirit are only 8 Radiance and 8 Inferno, so you can use it almost immediately regardless of your starting level. It also has an ammunition cost of 2, which is cheaper than most of the best throwables in Lords of the Fallen, so you won’t be depleting your LotF Vigor immediately.

Lords of The Fallen: Enhanced Accusing Spirit

4. Corrupted Banner Javelin

Fourth is Corrupted Banner Javelin, which can both heal and deal damage. Corrupted Banner Javelin can be thrown at enemies or planted on the ground to produce area-of-effect healing.

But its recovery speed is slow, so it’s not suitable for intense battles. But if used wisely, it’s still one of the best throws around.

Use this Javelin during certain boss fights or after depleting your Sanguinarix while exploring, and you’ll find how valuable its healing effects are. Exploration in Lords of the Fallen is tough, so you’ll need all the help you can get. The only major drawback to this throwables item is its ammunition cost of 4.

Lords of The Fallen: Corrupted Banner Javelin

3. Enhanced Cursed Dart

The third is Enhanced Cursed Dart, which is an Ammunition in Lords of the Fallen. Players can actively use ammunition against enemies, bosses, or other players during PVP to cause damage to them. But they need to use a ranged weapon like a bow or be equipped with a Throwing Hand.

Throwing Cursed Dart in Umbral will cause wither damage to the enemy. It even rebounds, hitting the same target multiple times on these enemies. It doesn’t cost much for 2 ammunition and is well worth it considering what you get in exchange.

Lords of The Fallen: Enhanced Cursed Dart

2. Enhanced Lacerating Knife

The second is Enhanced Lacerating Knife. This throwable item is perfect for Agility builds. With B+ AGI scaling, low weight, and an Ammunition Cost of 1, there’s little risk in adding this to a fast, mobile character’s arsenal.

This Enhanced Lacerating Knife also inflicts physical damage and causes bleeding. You’ll need to land several knives to get real value from this weapon. So it’s no problem that ammunition costs so little.

It requires 9 Strength and 11 Agility, which means it may be out of reach for pure spellcasters. But others should at least consider adding this weapon to their builds.

Lords of The Fallen: Enhanced Lacerating Knife Location

1. Enhanced Poison Javelin

Last but not least, we have Enhanced Poison Javelin. It is a lightweight, throwable spear that can impale enemies and cause severe physical damage and poison buildup. It’s easily one of the best throws in Lords of the Fallen.

And B+ STR scaling and high physical damage make this weapon deadly in Poison builds. Just as important as DPS is the stagger effect of this weapon. Each hit inflicts poison accumulation on the enemy. This means that any monster you don’t kill immediately will at least gradually weaken.

If you’ve been doing a purely melee building and got stuck in a difficult boss fight, consider bringing an Enhanced Poison Javelin into the fight.

Lords of The Fallen: Enhanced Poison Javelin Location

These are the 5 throwables items that I think are the best in PVP and PVE. What do you think of this list? Happy gaming!


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