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Lords Of The Fallen: A Quick Guide To Complete The Andreas Of Ebb Quest

Posted: Dec 23, 2023

Here is a Lords of the Fallen quest guide. In this guide, we will go over the Andreas of Ebb questline from start to finish and to collect his unique gear. It’s not a difficult quest or a particularly long one but it is missable. So make sure you have enough Lords of the Fallen Vigor and then let’s take a look.

Get The Fief Key

You first meet Andreas of Ebb in Skyrest Bridge. After you complete the Forsaken Fen, he moves to inside next to the Vestige and you can speak to him. Then he gives you the Fief Key and the map of the five of the Chill Curse. If you happen to not talk to him and you progress the story too much, he will leave here. But he will still drop the key on the map for you.

Lords Of The Fallen: A Quick Guide To Complete The Andreas Of Ebb Quest

Fief Of The Chill Curse

You need to play the Fief of the Chill Curse and get to the part where the ice cave collapses. After that, Andreas Of Ebb will be back at Skyrest Bridge inside of a small alove. This time, he Menches he has lost something, and it’s up to you to find his Book of Lineage.

Book Of Lineage

The location of Book of Lineage is not far from here. It’s in an area close to where you fight Pieta. However, you can’t access it until you go through Upper Calrath plaza. This is the section after the cistern, where you take the elevator up behind the Skin Stealer boss. Make sure that you’ve done Byron and Winterberry’s Quest as well before you get inside this elevator, as it will become missable.

Going through Upper Calrath Plaza here will eventually lead back to Skyrest Bridge. Open the door here where the book is, but the book won’t show until you’ve reached a certain point in the story. So, keep playing until it does. I’m not sure exactly the point where it shows up, but just to make sure you don’t go too far, come back here before defeating the Judge Cleric, just in case.

Then is the book. It’s rewarded for soul-finding the stigma. You can take it back to Andreas in the Skyrest Bridge once you pick it up. Lastly, play the story until you reach back to Upper Calrath Plaza to reach Bramis Castle.

Defeat The Lightreaper

This is after you’ve defeated the Judge Cleric, not before, as nothing will happen when you get here. Travel backward through the plaza until you reach Andreas of Ebb who is going to offer to help you fight the Lightreaper. It doesn’t matter if you die here or not when he’s in your game. Just make sure you speak to him before the fight. In fact, it’s probably better to die here and not finish the fight with him because the Lightreaper is tied to several other quests, including summoning Kukajin and another when you summon Paladin Isaac. So, it’s probably better to do it with those NPCs rather than Andreas of Ebb.

Defeat The Andreas Of Ebb

After you defeat the Lightreaper, you can return to Vestige, head back to the arena, and in the next section, Andreas of Ebb will attack you. You can defeat him to finish his questline, and you will get his unique gear as well.


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