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Lords Of The Fallen: How To Easily Obtain The Inferno Build Items In The Latest Update?

Posted: Dec 20, 2023

With the latest update, 6 brand new spells and 3 brand new throwable items are introduced into Lords of the Fallen. We are just going to focus on the 2 new Rhogar spells and the one new Rhogar Throwable item. These are the firebase spells and firebase throwable item that were introduced into the game with this patch. Make sure that you have enough Lords of the Fallen Vigor and then just follow my guide.

To get these items, we’re going to have to farm the enemies that drop them, and these are the three enemies that you will be looking for. First, you have the Trapper, which drops the Explosive Snare. Then you have the Ruiner, which drops the Incinerating Blast. Finally, you have the Seared Soul, which drops the Seared Soul spell.

Lords Of The Fallen: How To Easily Obtain The Inferno Build Items In The Latest Update?

We want to start by teleporting to the Vestige of the Bloody Pilgrim, which is also considered Castle or Castle Bramis. Once there, we’re just going to turn around, run straight back in this direction, kind of turn, and come up the steps, and you’re going to see the Ruiner in the back of the room. Now, if you have ranged attacks, you can kind of just stand back and hit them with ranged attacks like I did here, just kept throwing tomahawks at him until you defeated him. Once you kill him, he does have a chance of dropping the Incinerating Blast.

Next up we have the Seared Soul enemy, which drops the Seared Soul spell. The first thing you want to do is come over here and just kind of swing into the pile, and they’re just over here kind of playing dead. Once you kill them, if it doesn’t drop, come back and go up the steps here. Once you go up the steps, there are two or three more of them kind of hiding up here. Just keep killing these, and eventually, you’ll get the Seared Soul drop.

The next on our list is the Trapper, and the Trapper drops the Explosive Snare. So you just want to come back down, backtrack to where you were, go up the other steps on the opposite side. Once you get to the top, you’re going to find a Trapper hidden behind his box. You can kill him, and he has a chance to drop the item. Then, if you look up the hill, there’s actually another one with a dog kind of guarding him, and so you get two chances of the drop here as well. I actually got these items back to back. I got the Explosive Snare and the Seared Soul, and they were both on the same piece of footage.

After these, you can kind of get all the items in a small area, and you don’t have to travel all over trying to find everything, which makes this very easy and very convenient. There’s actually one more Seared Soul at the top of the steps here. You can kill as well. So these are all the new Inferno items that were added to the game.


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