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Lords Of The Fallen: The Ultimate OP Build - Umbral Shotgun

Posted: Dec 18, 2023

We’re going to be talking about the best build in Lords of the Fallen. So, this is going to be the Umbral Shotgun build, and the amount of damage you’re going to do with this build is absolutely incredible. Certainly, this also requires sufficient Lords of the Fallen Vigor to assist you in completing it.

This build is primarily a spell-based build, so you’re not going to be using your weapons. Instead, you’re going to be spamming spells. This build is going to one-shot almost any enemy in the game, except for bosses, of course. But even still, you are going to kill bosses in just a few hits.

Lords Of The Fallen: The Ultimate OP Build - Umbral Shotgun

The first hit didn’t really connect on this boss. However, the second one did, and the damage is over 4,100. That is an incredible amount of damage. When you take into account that you could spam this spell pretty quickly, almost faster than you could even swing certain weapons, it is probably second to none.

We’re going to take a look at the Gear of the builds. We have the Nohuta Polearm and the Lightreaper Shields. These are not very important for the builds. However, the Rune socket into them is a bit more important. For the Shields, we have the Dhalwe Rune, and this is going to increase your Inferno attribute. I found that this is the only one that actually increases your damage. Because any rune on the weapon does not actually increase your damage. For that reason, we are using the Nartun Runes, and these are going to give us Mana upon killing enemies.

For the Catalyst, we are using the Lost Berescu’s Catalyst. This is the best Catalyst for Umbral spells if you get your Radiance and Inferno skills to a certain point. This is definitely going to be a no-brainer for the builds. For the Spells, we have the Latimer’s Javelin. This is good for poking and dealing with trash mobs. We then have Barrage of Echoes. This is going to be our major spell and where all of our damage is coming from. Then we have Adyr’s Rage and Diminishing Missile. These are going to be spells that supplement.

Lords Of The Fallen Adyr’s Rage

For the Armor of the builds, we have the Lord Mask, the Harrower Armour, the Purger Gauntlets, and the Harrower Leggings. This doesn’t really matter. However, the pendant does, and we have the Hysteria Pendant. This is very important because it boosts spell power.

For the Rings, we have the Charred Root and the Barrage Root. The Barrage Root is obviously increasing our spell power. The reason we go with the Charred Root over another ring that would increase spell power is that with this, we can cast Adyr’s Rage, and the damage boost from Adyr’s Rage, through testing, does do more damage overall than using another ring. Therefore, I have it in here.

In order to use this build properly, you are going to be using your supplement spells, which are the Adyr’s Rage and Diminishing Missile. So you’re going to use the Adyr’s Rage before the fight. Then you’re going to hit the intended target with the Diminishing Missile. The Diminishing Missile will decrease the defenses of an enemy, and then you’re just going to look at the ground and spam the Barrage of Echo spell. That’s pretty much all there is to the actual builds.

Next is Stats. That Inferno is also boosted by the Rune socketed into shields. So you are going to want to have a delicate balance between inferno and radiance for the maximum amount of damage.


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