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Lords Of The Fallen: How To Unlock The Glided Bucket Weapon?

Posted: Dec 13, 2023

Here, I'll show you how to unlock the Gilded bucket fist weapon hidden behind the bucket Lord's Quest in Lords of the Fallen. If you have a lot of Lords of the Fallen Vigor, this will be useful for you. So, to start things off, you first need to make it to the Start of Quest, the first Vestige of Pilgrim's Perch. This is the Vestige of Chabui.

From here, you're going to head back outside and take a left, continue up the stairs, and move onto this platform over here. Hidden inside these buckets, you will get the gesture "Praise the bucket." You're going to return back to the Vestige of Chabui.

Lords Of The Fallen: How To Unlock The Glided Bucket Weapon?

From this Vestige, you're going to then continue forward, heading up both these ladders and continue straight. Break all these buckets, and behind inside a cage is a half-naked man wearing buckets. You'll need to communicate with the guy while dual-wielding the regular bucket fist weapon that is found right next to him. Use the gestures "Wave," "Point Down," and then the newly acquired gesture 'Praise the bucket' to confirm that this was done right. You'll see a message that you have been reaffirmed as a bucket Lord.

Now it's time to hunt down the Prides of the bucketlord. Do note that there are 12 in total, and you must turn them in four at a time. If a fifth one is gathered, the quest will fail. Each pride is located inside each boss room after their defeat. Don't worry if you've already defeated a boss prior to starting this quest. You can still go back to the boss room and collect the pride of the bucket Lord.

If you're entering a boss while the quest is active, you'll gain the bucket man to assist you in these fights. The 12 bosses you'll have to fight are the Scourged Sister right below him, Mistress of the hounds just before Forsaken Fen, Ruiner within Fitzroy's Gorge, Crimson Rector also in Fitzroy Gorge. Remember, after these four, return back to the man and turn in the Prides.

When you first complete this, you will get bucket shoes. Afterwards, continue your quest. The Infernal Enchantress, which is heading into lower Calrath, Skinstealer in the Sunless Skein heading up to Upper Calrath, Kinrangr Guardian Folard when heading into the thief of the chill, Griefbound Rowena also thief of the chill. And after these four, I didn't receive anything. My game probably glitched, but I assume you get the helmet at this point.

And then for the last four, residents of Tenacity that you find on your way to the path of devotion, the Abiding Defenders, and mans of the hollowed Brothers. Carry on night on the path to the Tower of Penance, and lastly, Abbess Ursula on the path to the Abbey of the hollowed sisters. And when you gain the last four, you will get a message: "Seek gold within flame."

To be able to find this, you will then travel to the Vestige of Lydia, the numb witch in lower Calrath. You will follow this path until you reach this bonfire. From here, you're going to head up the stairs, and there will be an open door. Now inside will be the Gilded bucket, which does three status effects and scales well with strength and agility. You also get the two magical bucket spells when you upgrade this weapon to level 10.


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