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News Tag: Lords Of The Fallen

  • Lords Of The Fallen: New Updates & Changes Introduced With Patch V.1.1.474

    Posted: Feb 08, 2024

    Lords of the Fallen Patch v.1.1.474 has been released, introducing fresh updates and changes. Follow my steps to dissect the patch notes, providing a concise summary and all the essential details you need to know.

    If you want to have a better gaming experience after this update, don’t forget to prepare a sufficient amount of Lords of the Fallen Vigor in advance.

    Gamepad Rebinding & Backup Saves

    They've added 2 fantastic features that many of us have been wanting for a long time. Firstly, the gamepad rebinding. I know everyone was eagerly anticipating this addition, and it's baffling that it wasn't available from the beginning. So the choice is now entirely yours.

    Alongside this, we are finally able to release something that we have been cooking in the background: backup saves. With this system in place, players can now rely on automatic backup save slots to protect you from corrupted saved data. Your game will automatically save backups in multiple spots. So if your file becomes corrupted, it can retrieve the information from the backup, eliminating the issue of corrupted files. You shouldn't encounter any corrupted files from now on, and if you do, they should fix themselves. The highlights are below:

    • Gamepad Rebinding: Full cross-platform gamepad rebinding options have been implemented. These will be accessed within the settings menu, enabling you to have full control on how you traverse through Morstead.
    • Backup Saves: With this brand new system in place, the game automatically saves the game to 3 designated slots during your play cycle. Switch through them as you progress. As a result, should you encounter a corrupted save, the game automatically reverts back to a healthy save slot, so no player action is needed.

    Then there are some fixes in this new patch note:


    • Fixed an issue that caused the umbrell platform to be pulled towards the host player if the co-op partner pulled near the vestage of Blind Agatha.
    • Fixed an issue that could temporarily prevent the co-op partner from picking up Vigor after the enemy was killed within a close distance.
    • Fixed an issue in that can cause a co-op partner to get stuck after teleportation to the host if the host was standing in a very narrow location at the moment of teleportation.
    • Fixed an issue in that could cause the co-op partner not to see the host character after changing the realm from umbrell to Axiom.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a player's health bar to update delay when healing during an invasion.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from deleting the session password using the reset to default option in multiplayer menu.


    • Fixed a collision issue that could cause players to get permanently stuck between Rogar crystals near the vestage of the Bloody Pilgrim.
    • Fixed a collision issue that could cause players to get stuck under the broken statue near the boss encounter with Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel.
    • Fixed a collision issue that could allow players to access the vestage of the Bloody Pilgrim without killing the flagrant Seer by jumping on the Rogar crystals and skipping the fight.
    • Fixed a collision issue that could occur if players use the umbrell lamp to traverse across an umbral bridge at Pilgrim's Perch. This issue allowed players to stand on an invisible platform in Axiom.
    • Fixed a collision issue that could cause the player camera to display an out-of-world location when entering the first cave in depths.
    • Fixed a collision issue that allowed the player to look out of the world near the Spurn Progyny Boss Arena.

    Level Design

    • Fixed an issue that could cause enemies to not be able to traverse the environment near the first small hill in Penitent Path.
    • Fixed an issue that can cause the water to kill players if only slightly touching in Bell Room.
    • Added a new ladder in Forsaken Fen for players who discovered the secondary mountain path.


    • Fixed a camera clipping issue that could occur when standing close to walls at the first SFL tutorial.
    • Added an option to disable camera resetting horizontally when pressing the lock-on button.
    • Fixed the camera collision issue that could cause the player camera to clip through Rogar crystals near the vestage of the Bloody Pilgrim.


    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from moving more than one Rune at a time to the Coffer.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Restart Game Plus Zero to be available at the vestage menu even though players had not completed the game.

    Other Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that could cause Umbrell remnants to receive fall damage when dropping down to attack players in Umbrell.
    • Fixed an audio issue that could cause the Umbrell ambient sound to be missing when quitting out to the main menu and loading back into the game.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the ravenous Fast Citator character model to have a stretched texture.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause players to get stuck when terminating the game during the credits with Rogar ending.
  • Lords Of The Fallen: How To Cause Insane Radiance Damage By Using The Flickering Flail Weapon?

    Posted: Jan 03, 2024

    Check out this broken Radiance build in Lords of the Fallen. This build can easily destroys anything.  You’re going to be dealing over 150% additional Radiance damage. On top of this, you’re going to be moving like Thor and dealing with damage like if you were Thor. So how do you raise all that power to make yourself very invincible?

    I’m going to be showing you what exactly you need to do, what weapons, what spells, and what type of stats you’re going to be needing to feel like a god in Lords of the Fallen. Make sure that you have plenty of Lords of the Fallen Vigor.


    One thing in particular we’re going to be focusing on is on the Flickering Flail. This weapon here is one of the most fun weapons to use. Not only is it a brand new weapon, but on top of this, you can just dance, hit, strike, and delete anything that gets in your way.

    To make this even more potent, we have added 3 additional runes which are going to increase our holy damage, taking it to a new level. You will experience how easy and how much fun by destroying anything. To make this even better, we need to pair it up with the best Radiant Catalysts, and this is going to be the Exactor Scripture. So, you’re able to see there I’m going to be dealing 49,197 plus 494, just a spell power.  I’m going to be showing you how we’re going to break the game, how this is so broken.

    Spells And Rings

    Now, we’re going to need 4 additional spells to make this happen. One is going to be the Radiant Weapon, which we’re going to be using a lot with our Flickering Flail because we’re going to be infusing, and this is what’s going to give us an additional 100% of just pure Radiant damage, which is crazy. We’re also going to be using the Medium Shield, the Piercing Light, and the Orius' Judgment. All these 4 different spells are going to make this build so much fun.

    We’ve got to go with the latest and greatest armor, which is going to be the Illuminator Aubrey, the helm, the armor, the gauntlets, and the leggings, just to look good and feel like Thor. We are going to be using the Scornful Effigy. This is for those players that want to risk everything and gain everything at the same time. This thing is going to give you an additional, 5 to almost 80% additional damage to any of our spells. Of course, it’s going to reduce your health. That is why I’m telling you, this build is not for everyone. 

    We’re going to be using it with the Barrage Root. This one is going to remove one spell. To get this, having less and more power, making you feel like Thor. To make this even greater than what it is. This is very fun because we’re going to be increasing our whole poly damage by an additional 20% by just wearing the Orian Sorcerer's Ring. Not only do we get 20%, we get an additional 20%, and then we get an additional 50% and more.


    I always had Inferno as being one of the most OP classes, but I got to tell you, after putting all of this together and seeing how much damage, how much fun you can have in the game, this thing is just going to be destroying anything that gets in the way. Now, just to have a few extra things, we’re going to use the Briststone Trio and also the Large Manastone Cluster

    If you want to use the Magic Ward, which is going to help you with the powder, providing an increase defense against all types of magic. So, whenever you are in a certain location that you’re going to be hit by different types of magics, just use this, and you’re going to have a bit more HP because you’re going to take less damage.

    I always encourage you to use the Unripe Berries because this is going to raise your stamina, and the more stamina you have, the more you’re going to be wielding this Flickering Flail at anything that gets in your way. Not only does it just shoot anything out of this Earth with one shot, deletes anything that gets in the way. And all you got to do is just get all these different parts.

    Now that we got this out of the way and we are shotting everything we want shot, we’re having a lot of fun destroying anything that gets in the way and just being the most powerful and the most broken build in Lords of the Fallen. We’re going to be focusing on Radiance. Next, we’re going to be focusing on Strength, Width, Endurance, Agility and Vitality, all those because we want to make sure we have enough strength to just wield everything, destroyed Agility, because we’re going to need it.

    Then, on top of this, we’re going to be using our Endurance and our Vitality because we need to make sure that we’re always moving and striking because we are so agile that nothing can get in the way and nothing can touch us.

  • Lords Of The Fallen: What About The Mechanics Of Covenants And Multiplayer? - Problems & Improvements

    Posted: Dec 27, 2023

    I’ve been waiting for any updates on whether the developers would patch multiplayer and its associated rewards, and we finally got one.

    While it’s nice that certain Covenant items can now be obtained from enemies, I don’t think the current changes are sufficiently rewarding, and they’re actually more likely to cause people to burn out while playing the game. So let’s break it down.

    Covenant Rewards

    Now, let’s assume you’re not familiar with Lords of the Fallen’s Covenant. It’s divided into three dominant factions, each with a Shrine where players can turn in Covenant items for rewards. Most rewards are cosmetic in nature, such as a Tinct or Shader, or a specific set of armor.

    For each Shrine, purchasing all Cosmetic Tincts costs 1,000 Lords of the Fallen Vigor, while purchasing Armor Tincts costs 1,600 Vigor, for a total of 2,600 Vigor.

    Now here’s the fun part. Each activity’s rewards are weighted differently, so for every kill of a specific enemy, you’ll get 3 Plucked Eyeballs for Shrine of the Putrid Mother.

    When you go online, these enemies will appear randomly and a Red Lantern will appear in the world. If you soulflay a Red Lantern, a red trail of butterflies will appear, leading you to an enemy that killed another player in another world. Only these enemies are buffed compared to normal enemies, having about twice the normal health and defense.

    In order to get all the rewards of Putrid Mother Covenant, players need to kill 867 empowered enemies. It’s a bit much, but it’s doable, at least on paper.


    The problem with this system is that it depends on the spawning of these enemies in the first place. Because it’s randomized, you can’t effectively actively farm these Covenant items. It felt bad, like a drag.

    So now, with the latest update, if you kill each faction’s elite, they can drop 2 related Covenant rewards. This is great, but the drop rate for the rewards is still frustratingly low.

    We guarantee even though elite enemies to drop Covenant items, you still need to kill at least 1,300 enemies to get all of Shrines associated rewards.

    However, based on my limited anecdotal experience, you’ll probably need to kill at least 3-4 elites on average to get Covenant reward. So even if we conservatively say you get rewards for every 2-4 enemies, you’d need to kill 2,600-5,200 elites to get all the rewards.

    If that doesn’t sound bad enough, I think it’s important to reiterate that these are elite enemies. So they’re harder to deal with than your regular enemies.

    And there are only a handful of these enemies in any given area, so if you’re actively trying to farm them, you’ll need to constantly reset the area. This means you’ll be spending a lot of time running between enemies.

    To ensure that enemies drop items at an optimal rate, players also need to use items that increase the drop rate. Therefore, players will also need to spend a lot of time and resources returning to Skyrest Bridge to purchase more Rabbit’s Feet and Vestige Moths so that they can reset the area without having to run back to Lantern.

    Of course, every time you reset a zone, you’ll need to reapply your buffs. So I think it really becomes a tedious thing that ends up sucking all the fun out of the game.


    So how do we solve this problem? Thankfully, the developers seem to be open to player feedback, and there are plenty of ways to tweak it.

    Adjust Rewards

    First, perhaps the most boring way to solve these problems is to adjust the rewards available to us. I know that in Oceanic region, players get 150 Plucked Eyeballs per Red Lantern, which might be a bit too much.

    The second thing developers can do is adjust the frequency with which rewards are earned, such as making enemies guaranteed to drop Covenant items. But it’s a little boring and I think there’s more that could be done.

    Improve Boss Mode

    In co-op multiplayer games, when players help other players defeat a boss, they can earn 15 Pilfered Coins, but only if they defeat the boss.

    There are 38 bosses in the game, and assuming NPC boss battles count towards the total, you can fight 37 bosses for each new game cycle. So you can earn 555 Pilfered Coins by going out of your way to help someone complete the game.

    Assuming you actually kill 37 bosses per run, you’d need to help someone complete the game 4.7 times to get all Shrine of Orius rewards. Or in other words, you need to kill 147 bosses in total.

    So it might be nice if there is a Boss Rush mode or something that helps players get all the kills.

    But in reality, there’s a pretty enormous gap between most boss encounters. So if someone just wants to get Shrine reward, this gives them a tremendous incentive to disconnect from the console when they’re not far away from fighting a boss.

    This could actually dis-incentivize players from the cooperative experience, especially if they can now more reliably farm Pilfered Coins on their own.

    However, if every enemy in the host world dropped one Pilfered Coin, and elites dropped 2 or 3 Pilfered Coins, this would give players more incentive to help each other. And this will be a viable way for people to farm Deralium Chunk to fully upgrade their weapons.

    Quality Of Life Fixes

    Now, in addition to rewards, more quality of life fixes are needed to make the multiplayer experience smoother.

    Foremost, being able to launch multiplayer games only from the Lantern or Vestige site is absolutely terrible, especially when they were removed in New Game+.

    It effectively limits how far I’m willing to go in a given area, since there’s a chance I’ll be instantly disconnected from the host and have to run all the way back to Lantern to get in line.

    Last but not least, stores should not have limited stock of Eyes of Vengeance or Charred Fingers.

    Controlling these quality-of-life features feels arbitrary, and some players feel the need to ask to visit vendors in other players’ worlds so they can restock items. Limiting them doesn’t make the game better, so they should change it.

    Final Thoughts

    As I said before, though, I appreciate the changes to multiplayer rewards and it’s a step in the right direction. But I do think they need to go further. Because I think the current solution runs the risk of burning out players, and I think there’s a lot of potential for them to do better with what they have.

    Obviously, my solution is not the only one. If you have any ideas on how to improve multiplayer, please feel free to share them with us.

  • Lords Of The Fallen: A Quick Guide To Complete The Andreas Of Ebb Quest

    Posted: Dec 23, 2023

    Here is a Lords of the Fallen quest guide. In this guide, we will go over the Andreas of Ebb questline from start to finish and to collect his unique gear. It’s not a difficult quest or a particularly long one but it is missable. So make sure you have enough Lords of the Fallen Vigor and then let’s take a look.

    Get The Fief Key

    You first meet Andreas of Ebb in Skyrest Bridge. After you complete the Forsaken Fen, he moves to inside next to the Vestige and you can speak to him. Then he gives you the Fief Key and the map of the five of the Chill Curse. If you happen to not talk to him and you progress the story too much, he will leave here. But he will still drop the key on the map for you.

    Fief Of The Chill Curse

    You need to play the Fief of the Chill Curse and get to the part where the ice cave collapses. After that, Andreas Of Ebb will be back at Skyrest Bridge inside of a small alove. This time, he Menches he has lost something, and it’s up to you to find his Book of Lineage.

    Book Of Lineage

    The location of Book of Lineage is not far from here. It’s in an area close to where you fight Pieta. However, you can’t access it until you go through Upper Calrath plaza. This is the section after the cistern, where you take the elevator up behind the Skin Stealer boss. Make sure that you’ve done Byron and Winterberry’s Quest as well before you get inside this elevator, as it will become missable.

    Going through Upper Calrath Plaza here will eventually lead back to Skyrest Bridge. Open the door here where the book is, but the book won’t show until you’ve reached a certain point in the story. So, keep playing until it does. I’m not sure exactly the point where it shows up, but just to make sure you don’t go too far, come back here before defeating the Judge Cleric, just in case.

    Then is the book. It’s rewarded for soul-finding the stigma. You can take it back to Andreas in the Skyrest Bridge once you pick it up. Lastly, play the story until you reach back to Upper Calrath Plaza to reach Bramis Castle.

    Defeat The Lightreaper

    This is after you’ve defeated the Judge Cleric, not before, as nothing will happen when you get here. Travel backward through the plaza until you reach Andreas of Ebb who is going to offer to help you fight the Lightreaper. It doesn’t matter if you die here or not when he’s in your game. Just make sure you speak to him before the fight. In fact, it’s probably better to die here and not finish the fight with him because the Lightreaper is tied to several other quests, including summoning Kukajin and another when you summon Paladin Isaac. So, it’s probably better to do it with those NPCs rather than Andreas of Ebb.

    Defeat The Andreas Of Ebb

    After you defeat the Lightreaper, you can return to Vestige, head back to the arena, and in the next section, Andreas of Ebb will attack you. You can defeat him to finish his questline, and you will get his unique gear as well.

  • Lords Of The Fallen: How To Easily Defeat The Red Reaper Post Patch v.1.1.394?

    Posted: Dec 21, 2023

    I am sure you want to know how to kill the Red Reaper after the patch v.1.1.394 update in Lords of the Fallen. So I’m going to be showing you so you’re going to farm for those coring items and so you can use the Lords of the Fallen Vigor to purchase many boss weapons. So let’s dive into this guide.

    First, I’m going to show you how to do this, then how to get to this location. You’ve got to go into the Umbler location again. Once the red eye is getting close to you, what you’re going to do is come to this location, right around this house, as you guys are seeing here. There is a barrier that does not allow the Red Reaper to come right under you and hit you right where all, right where he’s going to hit you. So, there is a way for him not allowed to do that to you.

    What you’re going to do is just going to wait here. Once he comes here, what you’re going to do is, of course, evade his hit, and you’re going to drop down here. From here, you’re going to start shooting at him from the bottom. The same thing is going to go to the top. You’re going to go back to the same location that you were on. From this location, you’re going to shoot him when he’s down.

    If he becomes really tricky, and you can’t jump this little hurdle, as you guys are seeing here, I’m showing you the full run, what you’re going to do is come all the way around to this location. Once you come all the way around, instead of jumping this little hurdle, you’re going to come to this location. Once again, you need to evade all his hits for this to work.

    The great thing about this is that he’s not going to come right under you because he misses you. The great thing about it is that there are so many walls here, like some invisible walls that do not allow him to do that. That is why this location is probably the best for you to come and do this. If you need a lot of those scorings, then you definitely need to come to this location. Once you kill him, of course, you grab the items.

    So what you’re going to do is grab probably the best bow that you have. If you have the Harrower Dervla's Crossbow, you definitely want to get this one because it does shoot three at a time. Then, of course, grab your arrows. If you have any Cinder Bolts or any Radiant Bolts, grab those and put them on.

    If you don’t have this, don’t worry about it. You’re going to go inside your spells. Then, you’re going to make sure that when you go into your spells, you’re going to grab spells that you’re able to throw at him, such as the Javelin, the Latimer's Javelin. This one is very OP. It is a Radiance and Inferno and is going to hit at almost 2,000 hits, which is going to be hitting a lot harder than the crossbow. Do that, and then you’re going to kill him really easy and really fast.

    Once again, the tip here is to make sure you’re always dodging his hit. Once you do that, he’s going to give you, like about a 15 to 20-second cooldown that you’re going to inflict damage on him. Then, repeat. Keep doing that move until you kill him.

    First, we’re going to come from the Alehouse Vestige. From here, what you’re going to do is you come across, and we’re going to drop all the way down here. From this location, we’re going to go across and then just jump here, avoid all those hits right there, and just go all the way across.

    What we’re going to do is we’re going to ignore him. Of course, he will hit us. But it doesn’t matter. Then, we’re going to keep going this way, and we’re going to come to this location. Once you get to this location, you’re going to create a temporary Vestige. Once you create this temporary vestige, you’re going to farm the Red Reaper and just keep doing this. Keep doing this until you are completely satisfied.

  • Lords Of The Fallen: How To Easily Obtain The Inferno Build Items In The Latest Update?

    Posted: Dec 20, 2023

    With the latest update, 6 brand new spells and 3 brand new throwable items are introduced into Lords of the Fallen. We are just going to focus on the 2 new Rhogar spells and the one new Rhogar Throwable item. These are the firebase spells and firebase throwable item that were introduced into the game with this patch. Make sure that you have enough Lords of the Fallen Vigor and then just follow my guide.

    To get these items, we’re going to have to farm the enemies that drop them, and these are the three enemies that you will be looking for. First, you have the Trapper, which drops the Explosive Snare. Then you have the Ruiner, which drops the Incinerating Blast. Finally, you have the Seared Soul, which drops the Seared Soul spell.

    We want to start by teleporting to the Vestige of the Bloody Pilgrim, which is also considered Castle or Castle Bramis. Once there, we’re just going to turn around, run straight back in this direction, kind of turn, and come up the steps, and you’re going to see the Ruiner in the back of the room. Now, if you have ranged attacks, you can kind of just stand back and hit them with ranged attacks like I did here, just kept throwing tomahawks at him until you defeated him. Once you kill him, he does have a chance of dropping the Incinerating Blast.

    Next up we have the Seared Soul enemy, which drops the Seared Soul spell. The first thing you want to do is come over here and just kind of swing into the pile, and they’re just over here kind of playing dead. Once you kill them, if it doesn’t drop, come back and go up the steps here. Once you go up the steps, there are two or three more of them kind of hiding up here. Just keep killing these, and eventually, you’ll get the Seared Soul drop.

    The next on our list is the Trapper, and the Trapper drops the Explosive Snare. So you just want to come back down, backtrack to where you were, go up the other steps on the opposite side. Once you get to the top, you’re going to find a Trapper hidden behind his box. You can kill him, and he has a chance to drop the item. Then, if you look up the hill, there’s actually another one with a dog kind of guarding him, and so you get two chances of the drop here as well. I actually got these items back to back. I got the Explosive Snare and the Seared Soul, and they were both on the same piece of footage.

    After these, you can kind of get all the items in a small area, and you don’t have to travel all over trying to find everything, which makes this very easy and very convenient. There’s actually one more Seared Soul at the top of the steps here. You can kill as well. So these are all the new Inferno items that were added to the game.

  • Lords Of The Fallen: The Ultimate OP Build - Umbral Shotgun

    Posted: Dec 18, 2023

    We’re going to be talking about the best build in Lords of the Fallen. So, this is going to be the Umbral Shotgun build, and the amount of damage you’re going to do with this build is absolutely incredible. Certainly, this also requires sufficient Lords of the Fallen Vigor to assist you in completing it.

    This build is primarily a spell-based build, so you’re not going to be using your weapons. Instead, you’re going to be spamming spells. This build is going to one-shot almost any enemy in the game, except for bosses, of course. But even still, you are going to kill bosses in just a few hits.

    The first hit didn’t really connect on this boss. However, the second one did, and the damage is over 4,100. That is an incredible amount of damage. When you take into account that you could spam this spell pretty quickly, almost faster than you could even swing certain weapons, it is probably second to none.

    We’re going to take a look at the Gear of the builds. We have the Nohuta Polearm and the Lightreaper Shields. These are not very important for the builds. However, the Rune socket into them is a bit more important. For the Shields, we have the Dhalwe Rune, and this is going to increase your Inferno attribute. I found that this is the only one that actually increases your damage. Because any rune on the weapon does not actually increase your damage. For that reason, we are using the Nartun Runes, and these are going to give us Mana upon killing enemies.

    For the Catalyst, we are using the Lost Berescu’s Catalyst. This is the best Catalyst for Umbral spells if you get your Radiance and Inferno skills to a certain point. This is definitely going to be a no-brainer for the builds. For the Spells, we have the Latimer’s Javelin. This is good for poking and dealing with trash mobs. We then have Barrage of Echoes. This is going to be our major spell and where all of our damage is coming from. Then we have Adyr’s Rage and Diminishing Missile. These are going to be spells that supplement.

    For the Armor of the builds, we have the Lord Mask, the Harrower Armour, the Purger Gauntlets, and the Harrower Leggings. This doesn’t really matter. However, the pendant does, and we have the Hysteria Pendant. This is very important because it boosts spell power.

    For the Rings, we have the Charred Root and the Barrage Root. The Barrage Root is obviously increasing our spell power. The reason we go with the Charred Root over another ring that would increase spell power is that with this, we can cast Adyr’s Rage, and the damage boost from Adyr’s Rage, through testing, does do more damage overall than using another ring. Therefore, I have it in here.

    In order to use this build properly, you are going to be using your supplement spells, which are the Adyr’s Rage and Diminishing Missile. So you’re going to use the Adyr’s Rage before the fight. Then you’re going to hit the intended target with the Diminishing Missile. The Diminishing Missile will decrease the defenses of an enemy, and then you’re just going to look at the ground and spam the Barrage of Echo spell. That’s pretty much all there is to the actual builds.

    Next is Stats. That Inferno is also boosted by the Rune socketed into shields. So you are going to want to have a delicate balance between inferno and radiance for the maximum amount of damage.

  • Lords Of The Fallen: How To Unlock The Glided Bucket Weapon?

    Posted: Dec 13, 2023

    Here, I'll show you how to unlock the Gilded bucket fist weapon hidden behind the bucket Lord's Quest in Lords of the Fallen. If you have a lot of Lords of the Fallen Vigor, this will be useful for you. So, to start things off, you first need to make it to the Start of Quest, the first Vestige of Pilgrim's Perch. This is the Vestige of Chabui.

    From here, you're going to head back outside and take a left, continue up the stairs, and move onto this platform over here. Hidden inside these buckets, you will get the gesture "Praise the bucket." You're going to return back to the Vestige of Chabui.

    From this Vestige, you're going to then continue forward, heading up both these ladders and continue straight. Break all these buckets, and behind inside a cage is a half-naked man wearing buckets. You'll need to communicate with the guy while dual-wielding the regular bucket fist weapon that is found right next to him. Use the gestures "Wave," "Point Down," and then the newly acquired gesture 'Praise the bucket' to confirm that this was done right. You'll see a message that you have been reaffirmed as a bucket Lord.

    Now it's time to hunt down the Prides of the bucketlord. Do note that there are 12 in total, and you must turn them in four at a time. If a fifth one is gathered, the quest will fail. Each pride is located inside each boss room after their defeat. Don't worry if you've already defeated a boss prior to starting this quest. You can still go back to the boss room and collect the pride of the bucket Lord.

    If you're entering a boss while the quest is active, you'll gain the bucket man to assist you in these fights. The 12 bosses you'll have to fight are the Scourged Sister right below him, Mistress of the hounds just before Forsaken Fen, Ruiner within Fitzroy's Gorge, Crimson Rector also in Fitzroy Gorge. Remember, after these four, return back to the man and turn in the Prides.

    When you first complete this, you will get bucket shoes. Afterwards, continue your quest. The Infernal Enchantress, which is heading into lower Calrath, Skinstealer in the Sunless Skein heading up to Upper Calrath, Kinrangr Guardian Folard when heading into the thief of the chill, Griefbound Rowena also thief of the chill. And after these four, I didn't receive anything. My game probably glitched, but I assume you get the helmet at this point.

    And then for the last four, residents of Tenacity that you find on your way to the path of devotion, the Abiding Defenders, and mans of the hollowed Brothers. Carry on night on the path to the Tower of Penance, and lastly, Abbess Ursula on the path to the Abbey of the hollowed sisters. And when you gain the last four, you will get a message: "Seek gold within flame."

    To be able to find this, you will then travel to the Vestige of Lydia, the numb witch in lower Calrath. You will follow this path until you reach this bonfire. From here, you're going to head up the stairs, and there will be an open door. Now inside will be the Gilded bucket, which does three status effects and scales well with strength and agility. You also get the two magical bucket spells when you upgrade this weapon to level 10.

  • Lords Of The Fallen: How To Complete Way Of The Bucket Quest Quickly? - Full Quest Guide & Gilded Bucket

    Posted: Nov 30, 2023

    Way of the Bucket in Lords of the Fallen is a new mysterious questline that provides players with rewards of uncertain value. This questline is included in the latest patch 1.1.348. Players who take part in the new quest line activities will receive generous rewards after figuring out the clues.

    In this update, you’ll find new quests from Bucketlord NPC. After completing the mission, you will also receive Bucketlord’s special weapon, Gilded Bucket.

    In this quest, you need to find 12 Pride of the Bucketlords Quest Items and give them to Bucketlord NPC. Below, you’ll find a walkthrough guide on how to start your quest to find the 12 items and the secret weapon.

    How To Get Started?

    To start Bucketlord quest, you need to first get Bucketlord’s Salute gesture. You can find this gesture at Vestige of Chabui. Exit from there and go left. There, you will find a lot of wooden crates that need to be broken. After breaking them, you’ll find Bucketlord’s Salute gesture.

    Then head back from Vestige of Chabui to find the stairs and continue forward until you find Bucketlord NPC. If you try to interact with an NPC, you won’t actually receive any responses. You need to equip three emotes and a bucket weapon and perform them in front of NPCs.

    You need to remove all armor and weapons except Broken Bucket, and equip three gestures: Greeting, Pointing Downward, and Bucketlord’s Salute. Then make three emotes in front of NPC and interact to start the mission.

    Pride Of The Bucketlords Quest Items Locations

    To complete the quest, you need to find 12 Pride of the Bucketlords Quest Items and give them to Bucketlords NPC. Just a note of caution: make sure you don’t collect more than 4 at a time. Once you have collected 4 Pride of the Bucketlords, return to Bucketlords NPC and give it to them.

    You can earn Pride of the Bucketlords by defeating bosses in different areas. If you have defeated the boss, you can revisit the area and receive LotF Vigor reward. The locations of these bosses are:

    • Scourged Sister Delyth: On the lower level at Pilgrim Perch.
    • Gentle Gaverus Mistress Of Hounds: In Pilgrim Perch.
    • Crimson Rector Percival: You will find him in Fitzroy’s Gorge. However, progressing too far in the game will lock you out of combat, and you won’t be able to earn Pride of the Bucketlords.
    • Ruiner: Located in Fitzroy’s Gorge bridge area.
    • Sacred Resonance of Tenacity: Teleport to Vestige of Blind Agatha and find the boss through the bell door.
    • Kinrangr Guardian Folard: Teleport to Vestige of Marco the Axe and go through the bell door into the cave and find the water with the wolf. There you will find the boss you need to defeat.
    • Griefbound Rowena: You’ll find this boss in Fief of the Chill Curse.
    • Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho: You can find him in Tower of Penance on the bridge before entering the tower.
    • Abbess Ursula: You’ll find her in Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. Starting from Vestige of Rosamund, you will find this boss.
    • Skinstealer: Located in Cistern area in front of the elevator to Upper Calrath.
    • Infernal Enchantress: You’ll find this boss near an enormous bonfire in Lower Carath, and can be found by teleporting to Vestige of Sebastian.
    • Abiding Defenders: You can find him in Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. From the door that requires Abbot Vernoff’s key, look back to find the stairs on the left. Go through the stairs and instead of going inside the castle, head towards the open octagonal side area on the right to find the boss.

    Gilded Bucket

    After giving all Pride of the Bucketlords Quest Items to Bucketlords NPC, head to Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch in Lower Carath.

    Keep going until you reach an area with a big burning tree and Ruiner enemy. To the left of the burning tree, you’ll find a ramp that will lead you to a secret room filled with buckets. In that room, you’ll find Bucketlords’ weapon, called Gilded Bucket, which is an upgraded version of Broken Bucket you already have.

  • Lords Of The Fallen: Undying S-Tier Umbral Vampire Build - OP Umbral Build & Insane Life-Leech

    Posted: Nov 28, 2023

    Obliterating your enemies with devastating Umbral magic is one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy your time in Lords of the Fallen. Combining this with the ability to maintain a steady flow of Life Leech ensures you are a highly resilient scourge of destruction.

    In this guide, I will break down what is in my opinion one of the best melee caster builds that has a specialism in life leeching at both range and in close quarters combat to keep ourselves sustained.

    I will go over the stats, weapons, armor, rings, pendants and rune choices that make this build an undying blood sucking Umbral menace that’s difficult to contend with.

    Stats & Starting Class

    In the early game, the main stats to focus on in this build are Inferno and Radiance for damage scaling and vitality for survivability.

    As the build focuses on dual-wielding Bloodlust, we only require 13 points in Agility to ensure we can use them. The rest can then go into our main stats.

    Initially, you’ll require around 20 points in Endurance to have ample Stamina to utilize in the early to mid game. My advice here would be to get Inferno to around 70 and Radiance to around 50 and then fill the rest in any order of your choosing. You’ll gain damage from statting into Radiance and Inferno and more HP from Vitality.

    The Orian Preacher and the Orian Preacher Hammer are, as usual, your best choice of starting class and weapon due to the 18 points of radiant damage the class starts with and the fact it has an absolutely powerful weapon in the early to mid game.

    Main Weapon & Runes

    For the primary weapon, I am dual wielding Bloodlust short swords. This choice is underpinned by two reasons.

    First of all, when delivering a final hit via a malee attack or spell, these swords have a life leeching effect. Wielding two also stack this effect.

    Secondly, the rune slots allow us to use a total of 4 Tumul runes to further enhance our vampiric life leeching effect when we kill enemies. This weapon also comes with 60 Bleed and 60 Burn in the status effects department.

    Combining this with Bleed Salts further emphasizes this effect and also allows us to further lean into the Undying Umbral Vampire kind of look. This can be acquired from the chest in the area where you fight Crimson Rector Percival and you’ll need to complete two playthroughs or find a willing friend to drop you a second one to complete this build.

    For those of you with only one Bloodlust, this build still works, or be it with a slightly diminished return on the Life Leech. You could try another weapon to dual wield or go with a shield and some Tumul or Nartun runes for either Mana or HP Regeneration.

    The three rune slots in this weapon are integral to the functionality of the build. 2 Tumul runes are non-negotiable to further improve our life leeching capabilities. When duel wielding two Bloodlust with two Tumul runes, we leech around 90 HP per kill.

    The final rune slot is an Agility slot and you’ll have a number of choices here. You could go with:

    • Vixys for increased bleed buildup
    • Dimexus, which increases physical damage whilst dual wielding
    • Ornx for increased Grievous Strikes damage
    • Nhelaq for those choosing to Lords of the Fallen Vigor farm

    I opt to go for Vixys to maximize how quickly bleed builds up to stay with the theme of blood and vampires, but all these options are completely viable catalyst folks.


    In terms of catalyst, the best in slot choice here for this build is the Lost Berescu’s Catalyst at +10.

    This provides us with exceptional spell power that is just shy of 800 and it also has A tier Radiance and Inferno scaling with 5 spell slots, a simply superb choice here. This is acquired in the Revelation Depths via an Umbral Belly.

    In terms of rings and pendants, our pendant of choice is the Pendant of Atroph. This pendant allows us to continue to spam cast Umbral spells even when we’ve depleted our Mana. This makes it very easy to spam enemies down with a barrage of Umbral devastation.

    The ring choices are also very straightforward. A Barrage Root and a Puissance Root provide us with increased damage to our sorceries, with the Barrage Root removing 1 spell slot as a penalty, which leaves us with 4 instead of 5. This is completely worthable and not a problem the off of this build.

    You can also double down on either ring, with Barrage Root being the most desirable for those who want the highest DPS increase possible and at the cost of two spell slots being removed.


    Speaking of spamming Umbral spells, our main source of range damage comes from Latimer’s Javelin.

    This can be acquired from the Remembrance of the Hushed Saint. This thing hits like an absolute truck and offers both single target and AOE damage output.

    I’ve seen this thing hit numbers of around 1.8k per throw and I’m not even maxed out on damage stats. But from what I’ve read and seen, apparently this can hit up to around 2.5k if you have both your Radiance and your Inferno stats maxed out.

    This is in combination with the Pendant of Atrophy and it makes it absolutely insane for anyone favoring the caster approach. It also works well in combination with melee attacks as a way to chip the mob’s health and posture down before they even reach you.

    The second spell is Diminishing Missile, which sends a homing projectile of Umbral magic that debuffs an enemy by reducing their attack damage and their defenses. This is another highly viable and useful choice here.

    Our third choice of spell is Umbral Agony. This fires a slow-moving orb of Umbral energy that deals large chunks of damage to foes and takes huge chunks of stagger bars off. You can cast this at your enemy’s feet or at walls nearby to ensure that it explodes, dealing solid AOE damage to multiple enemies. It’s excellent for breaking stagger bars if you’re the sort of player that likes to look to run in and finish enemies off with Grievous Strikes for those extra style points.

    Our fourth slot is flexible. I go with either Barrage of Echoes for extremely tasty first damage or Painful Echo, which sends a bolt of Umbral energy that bounces and chains between enemies. This is down to your personal preference, and I tend to swap between these two spells to keep things fresh.


    I know a lot of you like to know how we complete the character looks, so in this case, I’m using:

    • Grace of Adyr Mask
    • Crimson Rector Armour
    • Crimson Rector Leggings
    • Lord Gauntlet

    All of these are colored with the cell sword tint.


    The mechanics of this build are very simple.

    Buff up with Bleed Salts, favorably position yourself, cast your of Diminishing Missile and begin spamming whichever skills you see fit.

    Latimer’s Javelin has excellent range and damage. The projectile also moves pretty quickly too, which makes this my most favorite choice. You can situationally use the other spells and I usually throw a cast or two of Barrage of Echoes at my feet as enemies approach, with what is left of the HP and stagger bar then being melted. I then either dispatch them with the well-timed attack or administer a vampiric life leeching Grievous Strike.

    The build can be played as a full caster or a combination of melee and caster, in both styles allow us to gain 90 HP per kill, which makes us very difficult to kill in return.

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